Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Puerto Rico blows it;Yankees spank Herpes...

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OMG people. I cant believe that WBC game last night! David Wright? You let a Met take it all away from you Puerto Rico! PR had a 2 run lead in the bottom of the ninth and Cabrera loads the bases, David Wright bloops it onto right field to win the game. I'm an American so I am happy for USA but I really wanted to see PR go as far as possible. Sigh.

Moving on, the Yankees played the Pirates (from this point on referred to as Herpes)and gave them a nice whooping, beating them 9-2. CC Sabathia started the game and was looking good, seems he has worked out his mechanics. What a massive chocolate man. I always new he was big but WOW, I really noticed it last night. Anyway, he went four innings with seven strike outs and one earned run. Mariano Rivera pitched in the fifth and did the only thing he knows how to do, shut em down! Matsui smashed one out of the park last night. My favorite quote from last nights game: "If you were outside of the park and heard that sound, you knew it was a homerun and judging by the crowds reaction, you knew it was a Yankee.". Very true.

So I have a new player to hate on this season, Nate McLouth. Listen Nate I don't like you or your too blond hair. You remind me of Jared Leto in Fight Club and I don't like it one bit freaksow. You've been warned.

One last thing, I don't know if you were watching last nights game but did you notice when Joe Girardi was being interviewed during the game and he had some guy with him, the host from Yankees on Deck I think. Apparently he got to hang out with Joe all day as honorary manager, yeah Girardi definitely hated it. He was sooo giving the stink eye the whole interview.

Hope you all have a happy hump day!



Bulasteve said...

You are such a tease.... I tried to add you to facebook and this is what I got.

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Marisol said...

You know what steve I just changed my privacy settings, I'm still getting used to facebook, Im more a myspace gal...but please try it again I think it will work now. My apologies!