Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ticketmaster blows!

I was online at exactly 10 am to purchase Yankee tickets. Of course the first tickets I went for were to the Red Sox games. After selecting how many tickets I wanted, and what cost, I clicked "find tickets". I was "placed in line" for 15 minutes just to be told that no more tickets were available. To me that is just ridiculousness. In that time I could have been searching for other games or price levels. I was lucky to grab a pair of grandstand seats for the game vs the Angels on May 2nd, but thats about it. I have never seen such a thing on ticketmaster. In the past I have purchased tickets to huge concerts such as Madonna and never experienced a "waiting period" longer than a minute.

It just saddens me that half the people online purchasing these tickets are doing it just to turn around and hike up the price and sell them on stubhub.com.

Had to let that rant out , all better. :)

What game did you get tix too?

Our poll question has expired and the winner is......"Like a Virgin" as Arod's favorite Madonna song. "What it feels like for a girl" was just one percent behind...I really thought that was going to be the clear winner....damn.



Jeremy said...

Saw your post. I'm a reporter at the NY Post and am doing a story on ticket sales. Email or call me when you have a chance: jolshan@nypost.com or 212-930-8039. Best,
Jeremy Olshan

Aaron said...

At least you got tickets i was in class all day and have no money anyway. I think i might go to Atlanta this year and definatly Toronto since i can dirnk in Canada once im 19.

Navy64 said...

Agree with you 100%. There's NO WAY the YANKS released enough tickets for the fans on Tuesday. Give me a break! --- I was there @ 10:00AM (like everyone:) and already had my games picked out (Opening Day, Red Sox, Mets, Old Timer's Day, etc.) and the only ticket I found were goig for $525-$2,600. Personally, I think they released a limited number of the "cheap seats" ($45 and under) in order to get folks to bite on the EXPENSIVE ones. Mark my words, they'll release more of the more "reasonably priced" tickets as the games get closer on the calendar AND the real fans pass on the OVER-PRICED seats. It still burns me up! --- I did manage to score on both games with the Cubs, the April 22nd Oakland and May 1st Angels games...but only via StubHub back in January. --- We all can't be season ticket holders BUT we still should NOT be treated this way!

Rizzo! said...

I'm very upset with the Yanks right now as well. As an ex-New Yorker, I only get to come to town once or twice a season so my options are limited.

I did get tickets to the Red Sox games on Aug 8 and 9 (my first chance to get into the new stadium), but only at the mere price of $375 a piece.

Guess someone has to pay for the new digs.

I had wanted to go to the Aug 10 and 11 games vs. Torono too, but couldn't afford it after what I'd spent on the first two games!

There are cheaper seats available for those Monday/Tuesday games against the Jays, but since I only get to come every so often, I wanted it to be an experience.

I have sat in the seats I got before and paid 25% of what I paid this week.

Makes me seriously wonder if they give a crap about their fans at all...