Monday, March 2, 2009


What up what up! My computer has a nasty virus that I'm trying to correct, this happens to me every 5 months or so but this time its different. I'm locked out of my desktop upon startup, any ideas? Once windows starts up all I see is my background but no icons, start button, etc. Keyboard commands don't do anything either so I'm stumped! So far I have got on the computer in safe mode and keep running different tests and healing infected files which seems to be helping but has not fully corrected the problem, so if there is anyone with a clue about this out in bloggerland, please leave me a comment, I will check it from my phone.

I'm home today with a cold so I'm trying to rest. I looked out my window at around 430 this morning and the snow looked so beautiful, I love when its that way, untouched. Now Its just a white slippery mess! LOL

I'm not impressed with the Yankees so far..... grrrrr



DC said...

Get back into safe mode. Once in there go to Start->Programs->Accessories->System Tools->System Restore

This will open a window that will allow you to reset your system to an earlier date. Try to pick the last date that you knew the computer worked without a problem. In most cases this will get you back to running.

Once you are running alright go to and download the free version of AVG. This will help keep your system clean. Use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. Don't use any file sharing programs. If you do all these things you should be able to remain clean.

Jess Kryscio said...

Hottie -- here's what you need to do ... hit CRTL+ALT+DELETE and then go to FILE ... NEW TASK ... then type in "explorer.exe" and hit OK. That will unlock your desktop.

Sounds like you have been hit by some spyware ... happened to me the whole last week of Dec. NOT FUN!

Best of luck babe!