Wednesday, April 15, 2009

AJ Burnett, my hero.

For the second time in a row, AJ Burnett played savior to the Yankees and their fans, pitching an outstanding game last night. This is what our pitching staff SHOULD look like.

By the 5th inning AJ had not allowed a hit and the thought on everyones mind was of course "No Hitter". The thought that no one dare speak of except Micheal Kay apparently. I think the best text I received last night was "I really want to talk to you, but I can't and you know why." Yes, we all knew why.

But alas, in the 7th inning Carl Crawford, (who will now be added to the 2009 players that ruin lives list)Came to the plate and singled off Burnett, ending the no hitter. This shook Burnett briefly, who then allowed two more hits back to back and tieing the game. But he quickly settled down and pitched through the 8th inning flawlessly. Well done AJ!

The other story of the night was the beef that Tampa Bay had with Nick Swisher. Swisher came to the plate vs Matt Garza (who also pitched a great game) and received a nice up and in fast ball VERY close to his head. Swisher shot a look to the mound, then went deep and homered off Garza. That's how you answer an intentional throw people. Nick Swisher is officially the man in my book. The following inning Burnett went up and in on Evan Longoria which many beleived to be and answer back. At this point I was sure there would be a bench clearing brawl. I think the possible no hitter took away from that a bit though.

After everything, the Yankees needed to win this in my mind. Enter : Peanut Head. Gardner hits a huge ground rule double to get him on base. Enter: Captain Clutch. Jeter blasts a huge 3 run homer, solidifying the Yankees lead.

Finally, Brian Bruney. Lights fu*king out! He looks really great and has nasty stuff. I'm glad Bruney is still around and I think he is going to be a huge part of the Yankees bullpen all season, hes really shown his dedication to his craft.

THIS is what a Yankee game should be kids. Lets take this series!


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Navy64 said...

Once again, you're dead-on! --- Bruney was "LIGHTS-OUT" again in the 8th inning of the Yankees 4-3 win against the Rays on Wednesday. A steady and ACCURATE flow of 94mph nastiness mowed those cats down...and well, you know the rest. This guy's gonna be worth his weight in gold for us this season. I'll be in front of my TV for the Stadium's Grand Opening vs. Cleveland on Thursday. GO YANKS!