Tuesday, April 7, 2009

First game is in the can..

The excitement, the joy........the dud!

What happened to CC Sabathia only he knows. He had no control of his fastball and was unable to record a strikeout. Mind boggling. Shocking? No. This team has a track record of big contract players being flops at first, not that I'm saying this is ok, but it is a fact the past few years.

Tex choked on every opportunity he had to shut the booing Baltimore fans up and the bullpen was just ok.

Here's hoping for a better game tomorrow!! Otherwise I will have to start stacking up on bottles of Jameson to wash away these painful moments.



Navy64 said...

CC didn't look good at all. Hope it's just a "bad day" and nothing physical. I wish we didn't SKIP a day between games in Baltimore (what's up with that?). Boston looked very sharp today in their opener...and I caught an ear-full from some of their fans earlier during a visit to my local Dunkin Donuts (an occupational hazard of living in Rhode Island AND wearing Yankee-gear everyday:)

Marisol said...

haha I bet you caught alot of shit for that game!

I think they skipped a day in case of a rainout in some stadiums.