Saturday, April 25, 2009

Have I mentioned...

how much I hate the Boston Red Sox? I wanted to punch my television last night when that fat pirate looking Youkilis hit that homerun. He looks like a character from an old boxing NINTENDO game, bobbing around like that at the plate.

Tis is Yankees vs Red Sox. It is never an easy game, even when Boston sucks.

It hurts even worse because we lost the lead in that game with Mariano on the mound. But why was he on the mound in the 8Th inning? Abaledejo (spelling?) could have closed out that inning I think. It was a very odd move by Girardi. Thoughts?

The one positive thing I can say about this game is that our boys battled. There were games vs the Sox last season where the Yankees just didn't even seem like they wanted to play. Every pitcher that went to that mound last night showed heart and emotion. Joba struggled but got the big doubled play balls he needed. Phil Coke barely took a breath between pitches and was visibly pissed when Girardi took him out. That's how good he was feeling out there. Even Marte was shouting to himself after strkeouts. That made me feel good. Marte had filthy stuff last night, and he did his best so you cant hate on him. When I saw Youkilis' face right before he hit that ball, I already knew it was over. He knew it too, he was ready to smash the next thing that came over that plate.

The other thing you have to admire was the patience being showed by the Yankee's at the plate. There were alot of walks last night, anyone who couldn't hit was going to find a way too walk.

Lastly, it seemed Girardi got the memo. The memo being to be more aggressive with his decisions. For once I didn't feel as though he was leaving pitchers out there to long and seemed to be more in charge then usual. That's why i was on the Girardi bandwagon when names were being thrown around for the managing position. I wanted that same grit he had w the Marlins. Last night was the first time I saw it.

So even though we lost, I can't be THAT mad, because to me, it was a vast improvement from last season.


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Navy64 said...

I agree that it's an improvement from last year...but some of Girardi's moves (and lack of moves) this season still have me shaking my head. Sometimes I wonder, "what's this dude thinkin'?"