Monday, April 20, 2009

If you cant beat em join em!

Yep. Melissa's face says it all.

As you all know I went to that DISASTER of a game on Saturday vs the Cleveland Indians.

Chien Ming Wang has a mental problem. He is a complete deer in headlights on the mound. The fact that Girardi is "still undecided" about Wang's next start is extremely disturbing. He needs to be sent down, get his head checked and they need to send Hughes up for a start. How come we all know this, but Joe Girardi doesn't?

Not to make the day a complete waste I had to find humor in the day. It was a gorgeous day afterall, and I had second row bleachers seats. I enjoyed my first roll call of the season, and enjoyed making fun of Grady Sizemore. Poor guy got an earful the whole game, for example "This is the house that Sizemore built!" and "Hey Shitmore, nice grandslam asshole." and so on. The Rangers won that afternoon, so there was alot of "Lets go Rangers!" chants around the stadium.

I also REALLY enjoyed being so close to the MOHEGAN SUN bar. That spot is really nice! I'm actually thinking about putting together a small group of people and maybe getting seats in there for my birthday in August. They have ticketed seats inside right in front of the glass so you can see the whole game but your inside. I believe you get your own waitress too and they have a menu of food and a full bar. Alcoholic note: The bar serves past the 7th inning and you are allowed to take beer (not liquor) back to your seat! We also hit up the the Tommy Bahama tiki bar that's located above the Great Hall. Interesting crowd that hangs out there.

Overall, me and Melissa had a blast. We got some color, got drunk and had alot of laughs. Good times.



P.S. - No Tara!!! Have the Yankee gods heard my prayers? Or was she just off? Or was she there and the turned the volume down on her? LOL


Slugger27 said...

Good news Marisol... looks like Girardi is skipping Wang's next start. He was supposed to pitch against the red sox this weekend, but theyre gonna pitch joba, burnett, and pettitte instead

great decision

Navy64 said...

CC missed his scheduled start today and with Andy on tap for Tuesday...will Sabathia start Wednesday?...Thursday?

cheshirecat9 said...

Marisol, I was at the game on Sunday and no Tara then either. Looks like you got rid of her!