Monday, April 6, 2009

Its here!!!

First game of the season is upon us....ahhhh dont it feel grand?!

I went to the exhibition game on Saturday and I must say that I was floored by the new stadium. Its everything you could wish for and more, just visually stunning. Food, food and more food. The bleachers are upgraded dramatically so if your a bleacher creature its like you have been living in the holiday inn and you just got upgraded to the Hilton. LOL I have pics but I left my camera usb at work so tomorrow I will have them up.

By the way, I passed my bartending exam so everyone watch out!! haha.

Enjoy the game today bitches!!


Extra kisses and hugs today!


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Navy64 said...

Thanks for the update! --- Was @ both games (3rd & 4th). Your comments on the NEW stadium are dead-on! --- It's MORE visually stunning @ night (especially the facade/frieze with the lights just above it). We didn't do so well against Baltimore today (watched the game from start to finish...on ESPN:). Seems we need to shake-off some of those "spring-training" cobwebs and get SERIOUS!