Friday, April 24, 2009

Nick Swisher saves the economy.

Ok that was totally exaggerated. But the DOW did go up after Nick Swisher rang the opening bell yesterday for the NY Stock exchange. That Nick, he can do it all!

Yankees vs.Boston tonight. I would like to see the Yankees take 2 out of 3. I believe its going to be Lester vs Joba, so it should be interesting.

The Red Sox won't be seeing Wang, so thats a relief. I could NOT deal with that pain.

Warm weather coming this weekend, so enjoy it bitches :)


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Navy64 said...

Hey!...You changed the layout of your page. Looks GREAT! --- I didn't know Nick Swisher rang the opening bell yesterday. I guess THAT sort of thing gets by the press up here in "Red Sox Nation" thanks for getting the latest word to us folks behind the lines :) --- I didn't forget about Wednesday's game pics. I'll send em' off tonight. Side-Note: I wear Yankee gear just about everyday up here...but THIS weekend, I'm going completely OVERBOARD with it. So win OR lose, I'll be the cat sportin' YANKEE stuff all weekend long up here in the land of the "Anti-Fans" (aka "Red Sox Nation").