Tuesday, April 7, 2009


When you go to Yankee stadium, over the course of the game, they play these games for prizes with someone in the stands. The girl who asks the question to the fan is named Tara. This of course is on the Jumbotron and over the PA system. Being a brand new system its crystal clear.

Our dear Tara has an unforgettable voice. Not in a good way. Think a highly pitched brooklyn guidette. "This is Taaaaarraaaa." No bitch, this is terror on my ears!! I swear the whole stadium turned around and looked at eachother in disgust.

I have a new goal at the stadium this season....destroy Tara before my eardrums bleed.

You've all been warned.



Navy64 said...

Tara is somewhat annoying and doesn't quite fit in with the Yankee image of "pinstripe-pride and professionalism". She'd be a smash up here in New England...or maybe over at Citi-Field. Maybe the Yanks are getting the not-so-positive feedback and ole' girl will be "re-assigned" before the team's home opener. Let's hope :)

cheshirecat9 said...

I was at Friday's exibition game and I thought Tara was annoying too. She must be related to someone to have gotten that job.
Congrats on passing your bartender exam. I hope you wind up working at a Yankee bar and not someplace like Professor Toms. It is offensive to me that I have a Red Sox bar right around the corner.

Marisol said...

Good, its not just me then! I'm going with the relative shtick as well.

I hope the Yanks get it rolling today, I was stunned by CC opening day. Dreadful.

My goal is to find a gig bartending at a Yankee bar this season. i will keep you posted on that and maybe we could have a Yankee gathering there :)

Anonymous said...

I saw Tara she's a hottie I saw your picture and ur nottie

BRIAN said...

That girl Tara is smokin talented and obviously a good luck charm don't jinx it!

Anonymous said...

Tara is definitely hot! And besides that, if you look her up she does a ton of charity work and has more than 1 masters degree; so obviously she is professional and the yanks franchise has a standard to live up to and she fits right in!