Friday, April 10, 2009

Well thank god for AJ

Just when I was about to step off the chair I was standing on, with rope around my neck, AJ Burnett reminded me what a pitcher looks like.

After two horrendous starts by CC Sabathia and Wang, Burnett started yesterday's game with grit and emotion. He allowed two runs on seven hits, walked one and struck out six.

The bats were alive as well. Mark Texiera finally knocked one out to shut em up. Nick Swisher got his first start of the season and ended up having a multi hit game, which included a 2 run homer. Someone finally told Cano the correct start date of the season and he has been bringing his A-game, showing alot more patience at the plate.

The Yankees won this 11-2.

Today the Yankees start a series against some team from Kansas City. It will be Andy Pettite vs Sidney Ponson. Should be a good match up if Ponson is sober.

Happy day for all the NY Ranger fans out there, they defeated the Flyers 2-1 to earn themselves a spot in the playoffs. Congrats!

Happy holidays everybody! Have a great weekend, go Yanks!


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Navy64 said...

SUPER effort from AJ yesterday! He gave us a preview of this kind of outing last Saturday at the Stadium (in relief)...didn't he? His attitude is infectious and it's just what we needed to get things moving in the right direction (finally). --- Don't know what everyone else is thinking...but I'm becoming a HUGE Nick Swisher fan. He was one of the Yanks' first off-season aquisitions (brought in as a 1st base alternative after Giambi was let go...and before the Texiera signing). His attitude remains POSITIVE and his "easy-going/care-free" demeanor probably goes a long way to keep things "loose in the clubhouse". Hey, I could be wrong...but that's just the way things look from where I'm sitting. Frankly, I'm interested in knowing more about this cat...and his effect on the team's overall chemistry. L8R...and GO YANKEES!!!