Friday, April 17, 2009

Yankee fans are angry.

It seems everytime I flip a page in the newspaper, there is another article about angry Yankee fans. Not because the team has been stinking it up on the field, but because of tickets. Everyone is saying that the real fans have been priced out. But I don't believe this is the case...

I think that whomever was the one making these decisions thought about it a completely different way. They probably thought that Yankee fans are the most loyal in the world and would pay a little more for tickets. Sadly, this back fired and its the scalpers and the tourists who are paying top dollar.

I do agree however that something should be at least acknowledged. Ticketmaster should have been looked into by someone (because it was ridiculous the way they handled Yankee tickets). Actually the pricing is not even bad, but it was impossible for most people to get the tickets they wanted at regular price. So really its other people just ripping you off on StubHub and other sites.

My advice to you if you want to get tix that are not ridiculously priced: Find a season ticket holder, alot of time there are games they cant make and are willing to sell you the ticket at an acceptable price and always check StubHub and like sights the day off or even hours before. Who ever is selling the tix would rather break even then eat the ticket. I'm kinda babbling here but I just wanted to explore the topic I guess. LOL



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Navy64 said...

Yankee Stadium ticket prices, Yankee Stadium ticket prices, Yankee Stadium ticket prices! I hear about it on ESPN, FOX, Talk Radio, etc. and It's really starting to get old. When my brothers and I went to Yankee Stadium back in the 70s, a general admission bleacher ticket went for a buck-fifty ($1.50)...and that was even AFTER they signed Reggie Jackson.

The point is, TICKET prices are relative. Real Estate in NYC will cost more than it will in Cleveland. It's the same with player salaries. --- Yes!...the really good seats cost a lot...but don’t we expect them to? Hey!...I hate doing a search and ONLY finding the $900.00 - $2,600 Ticketmaster Yankee tickets as much as the next fan, but what can you do?

If team management is somehow "manipulating" the availability of the "cheap seats", that would be a BIG problem. Additionally, if "non-fans" (folks who do not intend to go to a game) are buying up the cheap seats for the sole purpose of re-selling them to the REAL fans for PROFIT...that's just plain WRONG!

For the REAL fans (those that love the Yankees and sincerely want to enjoy seeing a game at the Stadium), I agree with Marisol when it comes to ticket buying strategies. I scored on a few tickets BELOW face value using the process she described. It’s a shame we now have to resort to ticket buying “strategies”...but I love my Yankees and (maybe it's just me but) I'd sit (or stand) anywhere in the building just to experience being there.

Okay...I’m done with MY babbling now.