Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Yankees vs Tigers

I'm very bummed that Phil Hughes is not wearing his goggles/glasses tonight. I thought he was looking pretty hot with them on. Anyway, the game is in the middle of the 5th right about now and there's no score. Phil has been a lot better than I expected. He's only walked 2 so far and he's got 5 strikeouts. I gotta say, Phil looks constipated. He's probably thinking "Ok, I gotta take this huge shit, but I can't until I finish this game."
The Tigers have some doofy looking fuckers on their team, don't they? I've been waiting for a good retard looking team to make fun of besides the pirates.
The Yankees are starting to look really lost at that plate man. I'm having deja vu of last season. Is Teixiera alive up there? My god, is he gonna hit something this season? Teixiera is the new Arod!
I miss Arod. Isn't it crazy how everyone hated his guts before the season and now everyone thinks he's going to be our savior? The good news is if they still suck after he gets back we can blame it all on him.
Do y'all hear the one guy in the stands yelling at every Yankee that comes up? I would love for just once to see a player charge the stands, that would be amazing. Yeah yeah I know it'll never happen, but a girl can dream can't she? That guy is making crazy noises now, indian noises? Lol.
So Phil is still in for the 6th inning, still looking good. I think he took that shit at the top of the inning. In all seriousness he looks great and confident. He's coming for your spot Wang!! Figure it out son! Haha

Top of the 7th now, Swisher actually got a hit with no outs and now Melky walks. Nah, not getting excited yet. Molina is trying to bunt but not much luck so far. Wait, there it is. Runners of 2nd and 3rd w some young kid shitting the bed on the mound. Pinch hitting is Posada. Hmmmm I don't know if I like that but let's see. Yeah def don't like that move, it was dumb. Wait! That doof anderson on the tigers is dumb because he didn't catch that ball. Ha! 2-0 Yanks. Wait that was harsh, he's a young buck. Your not that doofy Anderson. You could use a tan though, just saying.
On another note, are these GEICO commercials annoying the shit out of anyone else?

Well loooooookie here, a ten run inning!!! A series of shitty pitchers and batting practice began. Way to deflate someones tires eh? Phil most definetly took that shit now! The Tigers manager is gonna go Shelly Duncan on those pitchers. Poor guys.
8th inning we sent out Mark Melancon who had a 123 inning. They played a short clip of him being interviewed before the game. Yeah. He's never spoke to the media before, it was a little re re Mark I'm sorry. But your new so ill let it slide.
Mark Teixiera up to the plate......................fghjklswabdsvbnmsaz. Oh shit sorry, I fell asleep. Teixiera has that effect on me.

I'm taking my dad to the Yankee game this Saturday, I'm so excited. He hasn't seen the new stadium yet, I can't wait to see his face. If your going, hit me up. I forget what section I'm in now but ill make a post w the info. Come holla at Yankeehottie and Yankeedaddie. :)

Also, this is day 9 of no smoking for me. I'm very proud of myself, so I wanted to share that with y'all. I smoked for 10 years so needless to say it was a tad difficult. Lol

Bottom of the eigth inning still 10 zip. I think I'm done for the night, tomorrows a long day for me at work and I need my beauty rest. Thanks for reading, love you guys!!
Go yanks!


Alex H said...

the geico commercials are annoying, and the new white castle commercial is disturbing, hahah

Marisol said...

haha i havent seen the white castle commercial yet. maybe I dont want too!

Aaron said...

Yea geico commercials suck ass.