Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yankees vs Tigers

Another reason to love Nick Swisher. Swisher went deep from both sides of the plate tonight. When he slumps he slumps, but when he hits he HITS.

Ive got a new nickname from Matsui. Quiet Storm. He is quietly getting healthier and making some noise at the plate. The Yankees insist they are taking it easy with him, hes not going to field anytime soon, but man does he look good to me.

I missed the first couple of innings, but it seems Joba had a better outing than I expected.

Here's a thought. Are the Yankees starting to come alive, or is the Tigers pitching just that bad?




Navy64 said...

Sorry I've be AWOL from your blog the last 2-days...busy, busy, busy:) --- Just saw the game tonight on ESPN and it was good AND bad. Joba looked better than he has this season...BUT what's up with Mariano Rivera? --- He just didn't have it. Control, yes!...velocity...NOT EVEN CLOSE!!! The commentators mentioned he looked as if something was wrong with his leg(s)... perhaps a groin injury or something else that's preventing him from consistently "pushing off" for his effectiveness. They also mentioned they saw the same thing in his last outing in Boston. there something to this?...We'll see. --- I'll be at Friday and Sunday's games against the Angels. The Yanks should win em' both...because they've won the last 7-games I've been to (4 last year and 3 so far this year:) --- Hey...let's hope.

Navy64 said...

Oh...and Nick Swisher came up B-I-G tonight! He's the M-A-freakin'-N.

Aaron said...

I went to a game in toronto a few years back when both Jorge and Bernie hit homeruns from each side of the plate.

Marisol said...

That must have been dope Aaron.
Yeah I agree on Mariano comment. Theres something going on there, but I'm just trying to focus on the positive, Joba and the Bats....but no one has answered my question..

Was the pitching that shitty, or are the Yankees warming up?

Alex H said...

i think the Yanks are starting to heat up honestly, Matsui is starting to come around, Cano is a beast, Jeter and Damon are coming around, Teixeira has been looking a little better at the plate, Jorge is Jorge and Melk still sucks.... and when A-Rod comes back we will start wreckingg... i hopee

Navy64 said...

From I saw last night, the bats are coming alive. The Yankee hitters (for the most part) were very selective at the plate and "forced pitchers to throw strikes". I'm not saying they're the 1998 team, but they took more pitches, fouled off pitches...and were even more aggressive on the base paths. I especially liked the way Swisher made that web-gem paly in the field and Posada's throw to cut down the runner at second after the batter struck out looking. If you ask me, I think the Yankees were EMBARRASED by their play in Boston (pitching failures, errors, lack of concentration...capped of by that steal of home plate on national TV). Someone told them to get SERIOUS...and their play improved. I know it's probably no big deal...but they played error-free ball in their last 2-wins...which hasn't happened in a while. Okay, it's a long answer to a short question but...YES!, the Yankees are coming around (well...the jury's still out on the pitching...and we'll find out SOON if this new A-Rod news will be an on-field distraction:)