Monday, May 18, 2009

3 walkoff wins for the Yanks

As a Yankee fan could you ask for a better weekend of Yankees baseball? Three walkoff wins is crazy! This team never gives up, gotta love it. Gotta be a shitty feeling for the Twins, bet they can't wait to get the hell outta New York!

Johnny Damon had the walk off homerun last night. Johnny Damon is leading the team in batting average, RBIs and homeruns. He's also in a contract year. What do you guys think is in Johnny's future? Do you see the Yankees resigning him? I'm curious to hear your thoughts.

As I mentioned before, I've been Twittering the games. Its a lot easier than live blogging and more up to the minute. If you have Twitter you can find me under Yankeehottie.

Happy Monday!



Fernando Alejandro said...

I hope they sign him for a couple more years if only as insurance for our other developing players like AJax, Gardner and Melky. Damon can still produce, and I'd prefer his contract to the monster deal I'm sure Holliday will get.

Slugger27 said...

i wouldnt mind seeing damon around after 09, but not for more than a year or 2... hes looked shaky in the field so far and i think me may only be valuable as a DH in the next few years