Sunday, May 31, 2009

Checking in..

Yo yo yo! I know I have not posted in a few days, for that I apologize.

I have been busy working and doing bartending gigs here and there, but I have been watching the games.

Todays game was a heartbreaker, losing after coming back to tie the game. Phil Coke startred the 9th inning by walking a batter and then David Robertson gave up a hit allowing that run to score. The Indians win this one 5-4.

Can somebody tell me when a yankee is going to hit a line drive in Carl Pavano's face? I mean seriously. I hate to admit it but he shut us down today. I really wish him nothing but terrible things. LOL

I got bored this afternnon so decided to have an impromptu photo shoot. Heres some pics for your enjoyment. Ha ha.

I know, I'm a little crazy.


YankeeMegInPHL said...

Marisol, you are crazy! But that's why I like you! Tex should have hear what we were tweeting today. Betcha we could have got him :)
I'm still bummed about the game :(

Jeremy said...

Ya, if I were a Yankee fan, Pavano would be a killer to watch.

YankeeClipper64 said...

It was FUN watching the game with you (via Twitter:) although THIS loss was a particularly tough one to stomach (for a few reasons)...but hey!, like Swish tweeted "we'll get it tomorrow" :) --- I have to say/write that it's nice seeing YankeeMeglnPHL here...2 of my all-time FAVORITE Yankee-Bloggers in the same place....Wow! --- As for the impromptu photo-shoot pics...well let's just say, "your 'YankeeHottie' name is WELL-deserved"....thanks for posting :)

Slugger27 said...

god i HATE carl pavano... why the hell cant we hit him???

congrats on the bartending gigs by the way

Anonymous said...

Who did your surgery? You were obviously Mr. Hottie at some point.