Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Don't like the back seat, gotta be first."

Great game last night for the Yankees. At least what I saw until the 8th, I fell asleep :( The gym in the AM is killing my game schedule. LOL. Oh and minus Jose Veras who sucks and was responsible for the 2 runs scored by the Rangers. When is Girardi going to get that the man is terrible?

Hideki Matsui went deep twice last night. I personally think that hes figured out that if he homers, he won't have to stand at the plate that long. Watching him swing at pitches has been scary lately. He can barely stay on his feet. HOMER OR DIE!

But, my favorite part of the game by far was when Kevin Cash came out to the mound as if he was going to talk to A.J. Burnett, picked up the rosin bag, didn't say a word and just tossed it back to the ground. The look A.J. gave him was PRICELESS. I think that should be the new move when a catcher wants to tell the pitcher 'Get your shit together."

With the win last night the Yankees move into first place, making them tied with Boston. SUCK IT BOSTON! I hope you fail miserably this afternoon.

The Mets move into first as well. Lots of happy New York baseball fans today :)



Slugger27 said...

it was a great game! i was behind the rangers dugout and could see burnett and cash laughing with each other after the inning, definitely funny stuff

CMW definitely looked good... the stadium gun had him at 92, but it looked harder and he was getting a lot of swings and misses which is a great sign

ps mets suck!

Matt said...

I think that the ball is just bigger right now for Matsui -- I can't believe he just missed that third home run.
good blog, by the way.
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