Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lucky 7

The Yankees have now won 7 games in a row.

Tonights game was everything you could ask for out of a Yankee game. CC Sabathia pitched 7 innings only allowing one run. Mark Teixeira and Arod hit 2 run blasts each. Mark Teixeira is back to being Mark Teixiera and I'm quite turned on by it, I must admit. Yes, I know I'm an animal.

Brian Bruney was activated from the DL today and Edwar Ramirez was sent packing to make room (thank god). He came into the 8th and had a 123 inning. Shaved Head =Beast, I'm telling ya! Tomko came in to close it out, having a 123 inning as well.

The Yankees tacked on 7 runs thanks to hits from Captain Clutch, Jooooohny Damon, my new favorite italian, Francisco Cervelli and Melk man. Was that enough nickname usage for ya? Because if it wasn't you know I got more!

More from me tomorrow, I'm watching the Mets game to see how many mistakes they make. They've got one already.

Yes. I'm mean. Wait, two mistakes....nice work so far Murphy!


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YankeeClipper64 said...

Things are goin' GREAT in Yankee-ville now! --- Hey, Marisol...thanks for giving me permission to FINALLY get excited over Mark Texeira :) ha, ha!