Monday, May 25, 2009

My weekend wrap up.

Did y'all miss me?

Just got in from my friend Melissa's bbq in Staten Island (the girl with the huge jugs that I take to Yankee games w me.) I am so stuffed! I ate like 3 plates of her moms delish macoroni salad and 4 tofu pups (tofu hotdogs) and a few bottles of hoegarden. What a perfect day for a bbq and friends.

I didn't watch the game today but I was getting updates via friends and espn mobile. I am so happy Phil Hughes had a great outing and the Yankees got a win. I'm upset they didn't take 2 out of 3 in the Phillies series. I feel that the big test for the Yanks is against the Phillies and the Red Sox. I really hate that the Red Sox won yesterday and today.

In other news, here's a blind item I wanted to share with you guys. Earlier in the week a certain Yankees beat writer asked me if I was available to go to Wednesday's Yankees vs Orioles game. I said I was available at which point he responded "Cool, just have to get the tix." However, on Wednesday morning I was told "Sorry, turns out the tix were spoken for already." Ok, no problem. But today I read said writers blog which clearly states he went to Wednesday's game with a lady friend. The nerve! Shame on you sir.

Shouldn't be hard to guess who.

Hope you all enjoyed the long weekend!



Aaron said...

Knowing you read his blog he must be a hue dumb ass. I also respect his work but wow thats fucked up.

Ross said...


Slugger27 said...

im still new around here... can anyone give me a HINT of which beat writer it was?

Marisol said...

someone help my boy Slugger out!

Slugger27 said...

c'mon marisol the anticipation is KILLING me.... i promise i can keep a secret