Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Not worth the delay.

The Yankee game was delayed 2 and a half hours last night due to a storm coming through Texas, giving it a 10:30 start time. I'm not gonna lie, I only made it 2 innings. I was exhausted from the weekend and just couldn't do it. Honestly I didn't have much inspiration to after Joba got knocked around in the first inning.

Melky Cabrera also got knocked in the first inning, well his shoulder anyway, trying to make a running catch in center field. He ran into the wall and injured his shoulder having to leave the game. I hope he's ok, he's been doing so well.

Anyway, I caught SPORTSCENTER before I left the house and I'm glad I didn't stay up for that crap! Looks like the bullpen blew the game. I saw Philly 8ball promptly gave up a homerun. Ugh.

Gotta run, on my way to my Pilates class. Let's see how this goes. Lol.



Rizzo! said...

I was in TX for the game. It HAILED like crazy and they made everyone who was in the top deck come down to the bottom level. It was wild, but drank lots of beer and had a good time...

Slugger27 said...

i was at the game too rizzo, and im going again tonight

rangers fans are sooo lame... but im confident aj will shut them up

Rizzo! said...

Have fun at the game, slugger. Unfortunately, work called me back to Kansas City so I only got to see the first two games. I was the lonely fan standing behind the rangers dugout in the hail last night. awesome.

Marisol said...

As long as there's beer, its all good!

Slugger, you go to all the good games! Take some good pics!