Friday, May 22, 2009

Numero Nueve!

The Yankees won, blah blah.

I'm just joking kids. I love it!

Joba Chamberlain only faced 4 batters, leaving the game with what is being called a "bruised right knee" after being hit with a line drive. When I first saw this I thought "Of course, just the Yankees luck." But I was pleasantly surprised by the Yankees bullpen. Alfredo Aceves came in for a few innings, then Albaledejo for a rocky few, then Veras(I think ?) and finally closing it out with Mariano Rivera.

The Yankees made things a little more comfy by scoring 6 runs early on. I must admit that after all the excitement the past few games I found myself a tad bored last night.

Yep, I'm a spoiled Yankee fan.

When I got home from work yesterday I had ESPN on until the game started on MY 9( what a crap station I might add) and was happy to see that almost everyone else was just as annoyed as I was over the hoopla that David Ortiz's homerun seemed to cause. Finally some confirmation from a non Yankee related source that the Red Sox are idiots. Yay!

I am so tired of watching Yankee games alone y'all. Can you believe that none of my friends are Yankee fans? Well, I should rephrase that. None of my friends are baseball fans. So if anybody wants to keep the Yankee Hottie company, let me know.

No wonder I have a blog.

Here's to win number 10 vs the Phillies tonight :) Go Yanks!



Slugger27 said...

none of my friends are yankee fans either... so i usually have to watch alone too

i can feel a new winning streak starting tomorrow.....

Jeremy said...

The Yanks are winning. I could see it coming. As much I loved the Jays being 1st for a couple months, I knew that it wouldn't last.

Whats worse is watching a team amid a 7 game losing streak alone (the Jays). You just feel let down and totally empty inside after a loss. Whoa, I'm getting a little too deep here.