Thursday, May 21, 2009

Random thoughts from yesterday.

First off, I didn't know Nick Swisher was only 28. I thought he was like 32. That is not the face of a 28 year old.

David "Big Papi" Ortiz hit his first homerun yesterday. The Red Sox were celebrating like it was New Years Eve. You should be embarrased. You guys are stuck with that 50 year old lard ass (I don't care what his fake birth certificate says, he's def pushing 50). Pipe down assholes.

Bruney, Coke and Aceves have all shaved their heads. I knew it was going to become a trend. Who do you think will be next. Hughes, you don't have the balls!!!

Everything seems to be clicking together for the Yankees. Imagine once Posada is ready and gets going? Going to be a great line up.

Does anybody remember a man name Xavier Nady?



Slugger27 said...

im diggin the shaved heads, i think its a relievers thing... but mo would never do it

and hahahaha to the red sox being stuck with big sloppy for this year AND next year because of his horrible contract

go yanks!

Aaron said...

I heard Boston was after Gardner to hit clean-up.

I wonder what Arod and Damon would look like bald. lol