Sunday, May 10, 2009

Some thoughts on todays game.

Kudos to MLB for there contribution to breast cancer awareness. Players were sporting pink wristbands and using pink bats that will later be auctioned off. Nice.

Joba Chamberlain had another rough first inning, giving up a three run homerun to the Aubry Huff. He then seemed to settle down, nowhere near the way he pitched his last outing but good enough. The Yankees offense was pretty weak throughout the game. The team once again looked tired at the plate. But then came the seventh inning and a Johnny Damon 3 run blast that powered the Yanks to a 5-3 lead.

Philly 8ball came in to relieve Joba and pitched 2 scoreless innings and Mo came in to close it out. Mo gave up his first walk of the season which caused a minute of concern, given his last outing. But all is right with the evil empire today as the Yankees win the game.

Getting back to the Huff homer. As you all know by now, Huff did a big ol Joba fist pump as he rounded first, then again at home plate. Yes it would have been great if Joba plunked him, but he was in no position to. When asked after the game what he thought, Joba responded by saying he didn't even see it. Good for you Joba! And shame on you Mr. Huff for being a hater and and a bully. Can't wait till you get a 95 mph thrown towards you head jackass. There's nothing wrong with showing emotion after performing well in a game. Jobas not the only one who does this either. Its acceptable in every other sport except baseball? I don't get it.

Lastly, here's a big SCREW YOU to the fan who screamed out at Joba "Happy mothers day Joba, crystal meth!". That's crossing the line.



Slugger27 said...

every time papelbon or k-rod gets the 3rd out, they celebrate twice as bad as joba does... yet nobody on ESPN ever says a word

and we play the O's again in like 2 weeks, i hope huff gets one in his fuckin ribs

Navy64 said...

Great post, Marisol :) --- Thanks!

Ryan said...

glad your back!!