Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday Randomness.

For shits and giggles....

Ouch. I hate when I get hit in the nuts too Melky.

I am pissed about this Brian Bruney situation. Why would he not say anything about his elbow still hurting. I really loathe when players do this. I understand they want to play but I really think its irresponsible. Silly kids.

Why in the world is it time for another game on MY9?! Shouldn't these games be more spaced out? Your killing me MY9. I cant wait to see what tonight's post game activities will consist of. Maybe Alex Rodriguez sings Madonna? How about "All about the Muppets" with Derek Jeter? That one sounds like a good one actually.

Lastly, I was told you shouldn't blog about people without their permission. It's not nice.

This ain't a nice girl's blog loves. ;)

I will be on twitter tonight during the game. Follow me HERE.

Go Yanks!



Matt said...

ugh. That Melky video is no laughing matter. :)

YankeeClipper64 said...

Okay...I have to say Melky's provided us with some game-winning heroics AND comic relief this year. I love this kid :)