Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why in the world....

is Mark Teixeira still batting third?

Today is May 13Th, April has come and gone and Teixeira has a batting average of .191. You can no longer say that he's a slow starter. There is something obviously wrong and he does not deserve the third spot in the lineup.

Some might say it's not a wise move to place him lower in the lineup because it may affect his confidence, but how much confidence can he have left? Others may say that it's embarrassing for him and the team. Well, I think it is safe to assume that everyone involved is embarrassed! Opposing teams are well aware of Teixeira's slump. Yes he hits the OCCASIONAL homerun but its not enough. He's not even walking anymore, he's just swatting flies up there.

Last season Melky Cabrera was sent down to the minors and Robinson Cano was benched for not hustling on a ground ball. I think its silly that just because Mark is a "bigger name" he seems to be given a longer leash. Forget about the big contract, that's a done deal, let him earn his way back to the third spot.

Don't get me started on the cleanup spot. Alex Rodriguez is getting a few days grace from me because he rushed back from surgery. A few.



Fernando Alejandro said...

A-Rod did drive in the only run of the game yesterday, so I'll excuse him a little longer. Marky T's been off my grace list for a while now.

Navy64 said...

Tex didn't do too bad LAST night. maybe he's FINALLY starting to come around. --- Honestly, I think he'll really catch fire once A-Rod is closer to 100%.