Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Yankees Vs Boston Red Sox recap.

So yesterday I went to my first Yankees/Red Sox game.

It was interesting to say the least.

First off, I would like to highly recommend the pan fried noodle bowls available at the Yankees food court. I'm on a mission to try everything there and I was a tad skeptical about the noodle bowl. It was pretty damn good I must say. They cost $8.50 but for the price you get a fulfilling size. Unlike the $10.75 chicken parm from Mike's, tastes good but too small.

I was not happy to see so many Red Sox fans in attendance (with really good seats I might add!. And they were not afraid to show how proud a fan they were. It was REALLY annoying.

This being a brand new stadium, I don't think fans feel at home yet. At the old stadium, as soon as you walked in you felt familiar, at ease, like home. But with the new stadium there is still some confusion as to where things are and such. Because of this, I think people don't really feel as though opposing fans are in "Our House" quite yet.

Roaming fan fights didn't start until the 8th inning. In the old stadium they would have started in the 5th inning. Not enough "Asshole" chants either. Then again when your team can't show up to play against the Red Sox, I understand the lack of confidence. But man, this Red Sox fan in front of me was just looking right in my eye smirking and laughing. I really wanted to just kick him in the face.

I left Yankee Stadium feeling just as deflated as the team looked. So many men left on base. Such a sin.

YES, I know I am now 0 for 3 at games. So I am taking a Yankee hiatus if you will. I need a few days to calm down and collect my thoughts, so I can stay sane.



Navy64 said...

Sorry to hear about your time at the game last night, Marisol. --- You're 0-3?...Wow!, that's tough. I have to tell you that I'm currently 4-0 (8-0 going back to last season...with one of those being Mike Mussina's 20th victory at Fenway:) --- I have a funny story to tell you about last Friday's game (involving a very helpful stadium employee:) --- I'll e-mail it to you...if I don't get to tell you in person. --- My next game is on Sunday the 24th (against the Phillies)...but I'll be at the stadium on Friday the 22nd for the tour @ noon. I'll be wearing my Navy uniform (in support of FLEET WEEK:). --- Go Yanks!

Scott said...

Were you sitting in section 230? I think I recognized you but would've felt REALLY stupid if I was wrong..

Marisol said...

Yep, section 230!