Sunday, May 3, 2009

You win some, you lose some.

Hi Y'all! Hope you are having a great weekend. It sucks the game got rained out today! But I did enjoy YANKEEOGRAPHY: Lou Gehrig.

I went to Saturday's game vs the Angels which we lost. I am 0 for 2 when it comes to Yankee games I attend. And boy do you guys realize it! haha I got emails and texts alerting me to the fact. I get it! hahaha

My tickets were in the grandstand and with my luck they were the very LAST row. I dont know how people do it up there. I had an anxiety attack and had to leave in the second inning to stand by the bleachers for the rest of the game. Its even different weather up there, I was freezing. But all in all I had a great day with my dad. We visited the Yankees museum and walked the whole stadium. My dad loved it! We cant wait to go to another game, but this time he said he's buying field level seats. LOL

I have pictures from the Museum to post but Im too lazy right now, I will update this post tomorrow morning probably.



Navy64 said...

Sorry to hear about Saturday's game experience, Marisol. I was watching it on YES and thought about you in the stands during that debacle. My brother and I went Friday night's game and was treated to a WILD finish in the bottom of the 9th. Hundreds (more like THOUSANDS) of fans cleared out of there by the 7th-inning (like rats deserting a sinking ship:)...but the Yankee-faithful were rewarded. That place went CRAZY when Jorge came through to win it. Loud echoes of "hip-hip-Hore-Hay" chanting boomed through every corridor and stairwell of the stadium as fans made their way to the exits. I'm SURE Posada heard it down below in the clubhouse. You'd have thought we won the world series that night:) --- Cars were honking, lights were was freakin' ELECTRIC!

Navy64 said...

We were at the Stadium on Sunday for the "rain-out" too. Hey!...we took a few photos, ate some great food and even had a few it wasn't a total loss. We just have to see when the make up game is going to played. It looks like it'll be sometime I'm sure I won't be able to attend. We'll see how it goes.