Wednesday, June 3, 2009

And the lesson of last night's game was..

Don't F*CK with Mark Teixeira!

He doesn't like it and neither do the New York Yankees. After getting hit twice by pitcher Vincente Padilla, Mark got fired up and I got turned on. It must be all the testosterone that gets me excited. Its hot.

Mark was calmed down by Joe Girardi before he could get too crazy. But he wasn't done. Alex Rodriguez came to the plate after him and hit what would have been an inning ending double play. But Teixeira slid into second hard with legs out almost tripping the shortshop Elvis Andrus and prevented him from making the play at first. After that, all hell broke loose. The Yankees ended up turning a 3-2 Rangers lead into a 12-3 Yankees win.

In the month of May, Mark Teixeira has been nothing short of brilliant, offensively as well as on the field. Teixeira seems to be the total package. This has led me to this thought: When Derek Jeter is no longer an active Yankee, who would be the next team captain?

Before the Teixiera signing I would think about this from time to time. The other big name great player on the team was Alex Rodriguez, but I just couldn't see him as "Captain". Not with all the off field antics and drama, let alone the lack of respect from teammates that was brought up from time to time. Then came the steroid shocker. Nope, just wasn't right.

Mark Teixeira on the other hand has everything going for him. Great player, good personality, good looking( ok, that part only matters to me.) and this team seems to really get behind him and respect him.

I know we have a few years before this happens, but I find it interesting. For example, if Tex became the team captain how would ARod handle it? Would it cause animosity? Do the Yankees have the balls to screw over there big ego player?




Slugger27 said...

Mark got fired up and I got turned on.

hahahah... not gonna lie, the 12 runs kinda turned me on a little

and i think tex would be a PERFECT captain... except i dont think jeter is leaving anytime soon, i could totally see them signing him again after his contract is up in 2010

Joan said...

I don't think the Yanks will ever make Tex captain. But I think he's hotter than Jete

Aaron said...

Jeter will be here another 4 years at LEAST. By then Teixeira has 3 years left on his contract. Teixeira wont ever be captain with A-rod on the team IMO. So by then Tex's contract is up. So after Jeter I dont see another Yankees captain until nearly 2020 Maybe Austin Jackson? IDK.

YankeeClipper64 said...

I just read THIS blog entry and can't help but think back to the day when I mentioned Tex was on the brink of getting HOT...not saying "I told you so" (cuz you know I would never do that to YOU)...but let's just say, how bout' that Mark Texiera?