Thursday, June 25, 2009


The Yankees won a game! I was starting to forget what it felt like to cheer for a winning team.

It would seem the Yankees organization was starting to get fed up as well, with Brian Cashman being at the game yesterday and attending a meeting with all the hitters before the game. It seemed to work as the Yankee bats magically came alive last night. I have to give a big congrats to my favorite off the boat player Francisco Cervelli for hitting his first major league homerun. He was so excited and cute running the bases! Love him.

Joe Girardi got ejected from the game last night for arguing Brett Gardner getting picked off at first. That was a TERRIBLE call. He was clearly safe. There was some speculation this morning that Girardi may have asked to be ejected. I doubt it. Tony Pena took over manager duties which I quite enjoyed. I realize Joe was probably calling the shots from 15 feet away but the Yankees seemed to immediately let loose after the ejection. Tony Pena was pumped up while instructing the team. I think more managers should be this way. What is the deal with the miserable straight faced look all the time? Show some emotion dammit!! Shit, I got pumped up looking at Pena.

Joba Chamberlain pitched a hell of a game last night, lasting 7 innings. I don't think he even walked anybody.

Mariano Rivera came in to close it out which meant he got a chance to bat at the plate. I think that was one of the funniest Yankee moments I have ever seen. Melky Cabrera was gearing him up with gloves, helmet and a bat as Mo sat there spaced out. Melky seemed to be giving him instructions as well. I was cracking up. It was like they were sending a kid on a motorcycle and saying "Just close your eyes and hold on tight!" Mo ended up hitting a fast ball to left but it was caught. That my friends was the play of the game. He later admitted that he was told not to swing but ignored these directions. Love Mo.

So this week I am crushing on Cervelli I think. Teixiera just isn't doing it for me this week, I dont know why. Marisol Cervelli sounds good, no?

On another note, it was in Page Six that Kate Hudson has been following the team everywhere to be with Alex Rodriguez. Does anyone else find this a tad desperate? They just started dating! Why does she have to crawl up the ass of every guy she dates? Maybe thats why you are still single Kate! You are a distraction and you should cut it out. Its not that hip surgery that's exhausting him honey.

I am attending the game for the 4th of July, I will be sitting in the Audi Yankees Club. Can't wait to try that $65 buffet! I heard its pretty exquisite...mmmmm Im hitting the gym all week! If anyone is going hit me and lets have a beer ;)


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Megan said...

Marisol Cervelli sounds WONDERFUL!!! We neeed to work on that! Hey, I'll be in the area 4th of July weekend! I'll try to get a ticket ;-)