Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Jorge Posada smear campaign....

This is something I meant to write about last week but didn't get around too. I have been thinking about how most of the bad pitching seems to be when Jorge is behind the plate. But I wasn't sure if it was just me...then I came across this article via Yahoo Sports....

Can a catcher be blamed for poor pitching? According to the New York Times, and in the case of the New York Yankees, it can.

According to the Times, there is a striking difference in pitching statistics when Jorge Posada catches. With Posada behind the plate, the Yankees' pitchers have a 6.31 ERA The combined ERA with Francisco Cervelli(notes), Jose Molina(notes) and Kevin Cash(notes) is 3.81.

Posada has caught four starts by Chien-Ming Wang(notes), whose job status is now evaluated on a game-by-game basis. Even removing those starts, the staff's ERA with Posada is still high, at 5.47.

The Times reported that A.J. Burnett(notes), in particular, seems to struggle with Posada. In Burnett's four starts pitching to Posada, opponents have batted .330. In nine starts with the other catchers, the average is .223. When he lost a six-run lead in Boston in April, Burnett questioned the pitch selection, though he blamed himself, not Posada. Asked Sunday about the difference in pitching to the rookie Cervelli, Burnett gave a careful but revealing answer.

"I think it's just a matter of — I don't know if it's the catcher — but we threw curveballs in fastball counts, we had them looking for something and they had no idea what was coming, I don't think," Burnett said. "That's huge."

What do you guys think?



Anonymous said...

I think there is something to this. I would like to see Joba's Met start with Cervelli catching. Joba and Posada couldn't get together all day.

I think the Yanks should trade Matsui, and make Posada the everyday DH when Monlina comes back.

Marisol said...

Thats an interesting point. I think Posada would make an ok DH, but trade Matsui? Do you think Matsui has enough trade value given his age and bum knees?

rakeback said...

I think the catcher has a great deal to do with the success or failure of the pitcher. I think Posada has done a great job over the years, so I find it hard to believe he suddenly forgot how to call a game.