Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Back on top.

Today is a good day since the Yankees are in first place over the Red Sux. Doesn't matter what happens today, at least I have that to hold on too!! hahah

The Yankees have been playing great ball since the break. Even Joba had a great start the other day! Can you believe it? I know, I had to smack myself in the face too. Phil Hughes, Philly 8ball and Alfredo Aceves have been terrific in the bull pen being able to hold teams from scoring.

Sorry, I have not updated lately but the move and working two jobs has taken up alot of time in my life, also I don't have internet set up in my apartment yet so that doesn't help. LOL

Random Thoughts over the past week:

Why the hell is Eric Hinskie not getting more playing time?

Why was ESPN's Erin Andrews "hotel peeper" video page 3 news? Haven't we all seen her naked before? Oh, you have not you say? Its not that hard, just walk around with a football...

Why is David Cone the host of "Yankees on Deck"? His party face could scare children.

Alot of you have asked how the apartment is coming along and everything is going well, still needs some work but slowly but surely!

I work all day Wednesdays and the Yankees love to play during the day on Wednesdays, so one again I miss out!! grrrrrrrrrr, Bastards!!

Hope you all are having a good week so far, thanks for reading :)



Anonymous said...

That comment about Erin Andrews was COLD! Brrrr...

Marisol said...

I was in a chilly mood ;)