Wednesday, July 1, 2009


You know your a spoiled Yankee fan when you are saying a Yankee win was boring. But, it was!

Joba was on the mound last night and was not terrible, but wasnt great either. He was just blah. In the 6th inning Joba was out and Philly 8 ball was in. Then it was on to Filthy Phil Hughes. Phil had his great stuff last night, ending the inning with just 9 pitches. But of course Girardi took him out. Why? I dont know. Who know why Girardi makes half the moves he does in situations like last night.

After he took out Phil, Brian Bruney minus one mustache entered. He on the other hand, did not have his stuff. Bruney allowed the Mariners to slash the lead. But in the end, Mo made the save and the Yankees won. A second later, I fell asleep. I think it was the first time I was struggling to stay awake during a game.

Just a reminder, I will be at the game this Saturday, July 4th. If you are around and want to meet for a chat or me at ill get it on my cell :)

Drinks for the game tonight! yay!


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New York Yankee Blog said...

No Yankee win is ever boring. I am offended. Even when they win by twenty, or play a national league team, it is still always awesome.