Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Best Week Ever!

So here I am back to reality, sick as a dog with a cough and a cold. But the cold is worth it for the week I had. Monday kicked off with a Yankee game in the bleachers, thanks to Paul, a reader of this blog, who had an extra ticket and reached out to me. I always have a blast in the bleachers because there are always some crazy characters sitting there fueled by beers. That day I was treated to a group of guys who were from upstate taking in the game. The Yankees were facing the Toronto Blue Jays so screaming "this is America" every 15 minutes was somehow appropriate. Also, handing beers to 16 year olds was also somehow ok. LOL We lost the game, but I was laughing and drunk on Blue Moons so it was all good in the hood with me.

Tuesday we hit up the game again, this time the bleachers seemed a little calmer and the game was a little boring so we decided to hit up NYY Steak. Best decision I made in a long time. For those who don't know, NYY is the steak house inside the stadium located at gate 6 on the second level. NYY is set up like an upscale steakhouse with flat screens throughout, a full bar and a waitstaff that is decked out in slacks and blazers with pinstripe jerseys peaking out from underneath. The menu offers steaks (duh), lobster and fish entrees and different sides to choose from. I was so excited to eat there because I didn't think I was going to get the opportunity this season ,(yes I know its open all year, but I'm more likely to eat there if going for a game.). So I had to take full advantage and pretend that I was not a vegetarian for the evening. Ready? I ordered the surf and turf, which is a small fillet mignon and a lobster tail, a side of lobster mac n cheese and we shared a side of cream of spinach. Omg, I know. LOL. First came out a warm piece of bread that is shaped liked a pretzel, which is placed on a plate shaped like home plate. It was so cute I almost put it in my purse. With the bread is what I would call a mustard/butter. It was heaven. I NEED to know what the hell is in that because I could eat it all day. Oh yeah we also had the crabcakes as an appetizer. I love crabcakes and I have to say this was in my top 5. Delish. Then the food arrived. When that steak hit my mouth, omg. It was amazing. I highly recommend. the only part they lost points on was not offering us dessert because the kitchen was closing and they wanted to get out of there, which you know I pointed out! LOL I couldnt help it. The joint is not cheap but its not as insanely priced as one would think because its in the stadium. Yanks came back to win that night also, great night overall! Thank you Paul.

Thursday, I began my long weekend which started with Djais that night. I like going there because the drinks are very cheap for ladies and the music is good, but it is a total meat market. Notice to all men, touch me without permission, you will get smacked. I love how they look at you afterwards in total shock as if they had no idea they are not supposed to touch you, hysterical. On Friday, in the cherry vodka aftermath, I layed out and actually got a tan! A tan! I can't believe it, for the first time this summer. Saturday me and the crew headed to Atlantic City. I hit on red 5 at the Roulette table but promptly lost it back :( It was fun to win though! That night we headed to the pool party at Harrahs which was a blast, didn't get to sleep till 7 am. But now I'm paying for it! haha All in all an amazing birthday :)

I can't believe the Yankees lost last night against Brett Tomko and the A's. My god, they totally mailed in that game. Wake up boys!!!


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Fernando Alejandro said...

I'm glad you had a good birthday week! Happy belated birthday!