Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I hope popeye eats his spinach...

Meet your starting pitcher ladies and gents. Chad Gaudin and his 5.13 ERA.

Can you feel the excitement? I sure can!! haha

Thank the lord for the Yankee's clean appearance policy other wise we would have to deal with this...

Not only is it a beard, but its RED! Nothing worse than a red beard.

In reality it would not be terrible if the Yankees lost a game tonight. But in hardcoreyankeefanville it is not ok to lose any game to the A's. And maybe I'm being greedy but I really enjoy a 7 game lead and would enjoy an 8 game lead even better :)

Go Yankees!


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cheshirecat9 said...

I'm with you on both points: 8 games is better then 7th and thank goodness Gaudin doesn't have that beard. Let's go Yanks!