Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tony Fernandez you say?

The other day Melky Cabrera hit for cycle. Meaning he hit a homerun, single, double and a triple. the last Yankee to do this was Tony Fernandez in 1995. This gave Michael Kay reason to bring up his name numerous times and beat it to death as he usually does with most subjects. So now that Melky accomplished the cycle we don't have to hear his name anymore right?


Last night during the Yankee vs Blue Jays game, several former Jays had a reunion of sorts in one of the sky boxes. Low and behold ex Blue Jay - Tony Fernandez. Deal with it people, hes never going away. Tony Fernandez is here to stay!

On another note, I'm just curious, is Melky ever going to stop doing that weird "Im excited and sticking out my tongue" move? Its creepy dammit. Stop it. It makes me think how you "Enjoy the womens.".

I gotta run, my friend just asked me to bring A Rod as a gift for her engagement party. Now where is Kate.....


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Carm said...

Bahahah I enjoy the womens..... classic