Friday, August 28, 2009

Yesterday's game, gossip and random thoughts....

So how shittastic was yesterday's game?!

Two game killers: Unable to score with men on base. Phil Coke brought into a one run game. Why Girardi made that move is beyond me, its like Coke has to promptly give up a run in order to function. Remember the good ole days when Phil Coke was good and I wanted to make sweet love to him? Ah, I miss those days!

In other news, multiple media sources were reporting that Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly are engaged and planning a fall wedding. Gag me, ick. I don't like her for Derek. I'm sure shes a lovely girl but shes just so "blah". I know alot of guys that think shes hot but I just don't see it. To me shes cute and plain Jane. I envision Derek with someone who has a little more star quality. Don't get me wrong, I get that Derek prefers to fly under the radar with his personal life, I don't want him with some superstar but someone a little more interesting that's all. Ya know, someone more like myself ;)

I went to the game yesterday with Matt and my friend Annmarie. I love going to games with Yankee Stadium virgins. She had a blast and took lots of pics. Best heckle of the game was directed at Nelson Cruz- "I see you smiling Nelson, I will kill you." I almost pissed myself.

I finally had the balls to try the garlic fries. Never again. They were decent tasting but got me so sick! They sat in my stomach all day and all night. Blech!

So happy its Friday! Hope everyone has a good weekend :) Love you bitches..



Danny said...

Who in the world is the hottie in this blog anyway? Damn, that was wrong. What I meant to write was - stay humble for the masses.

CH said...

Haha Danny hunny, wrong blog for humbleness. Thanks for stopping by! Oh yeah and you're mom is the hottie on this blog. U didn't see the pics I posted of her.......oh shit wrong site, sorry!

Danny said...

Really, wrong blog for humbleness? It's not about blogging. It's just life.

If my mom is the hottie on this blog, which would in effect make you my mom since this is your blog, can I taste the milk? I'm just saying . . .