Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ninjas, errors and the bitter cold.

Last night the Yankees took a series lead over the Angels in the ALCS. CC Sabathia was dominant on the mound last night and the Yankees scored just enough runs to back him up. The Angels however, forgot they were in the playoffs and made several silly errors allowing the Yankees to score runs. Such as a pop up that "dropped in". I love how people make excuses for such things like "it was the wind". Shut your mouth, you just suck and you let that shit happen. Just saying...

Due to the low temperature we saw some Yankees sporting some extra clothing and accessories, but no one stuck out as much as "Ninja Cano". I personally am digging ninja Cano. I think Robbie likes it as well. Ninja Cano is here to stay! haha

Not everyone was as ok with the cold weather though...

Poor Kate....yeah right. I see Kate is back to blonde....I wonder why....hmmmm......

Did you guys see the post game stuff on YES after the game with Micheal Kay and David Cone? Kay always finds a way to discuss David and his drinking. Cone loves it. Apparently David was so wrapped up in a bar across from the stadium that he forgot he was throwing the first pitch and made it back to the stadium with 30 seconds to spare. Now THAT would have been classic. I still would like to know who is in charge of that man.

The saga continues tonight at Yankee Stadium for game 2 and AJ Burnett on the mound.

Lets go Yankees!!

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MaddMatt said...

I love Cone, and Kate Hudson is the MVP!

Roll Yankees!

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