Wednesday, October 21, 2009

So I guess we are playing the Phillies in the WS? :)

Ok so I went to the stadium the other day for the viewing of Game 3 at the Stadium. I gotta say it was pretty cool except whenever you give something for free, well you know. Not everyone there was a real Yankee fan, they just had nothing better to do. And the concession stands were not at all prepared, I got up to get a slice of pizza and they could not have the pizza ready fast enough, then people got ghetto with the ghetto behind the concessions and things were a little ugly LOL But for the most part it was great, people got into the game like it was happening right there, standing up for a strike 3 with 2 outs and bad we lost with that awesome Joe Girardi move. Ughhhh why take Dave Robertson out of the game Joe?? I was soooo pissed AND it was freeezing.

But on the bright side we got the win last night and destroyed the Angels which a couple of months ago seemed impossible for us. But this is a brand new team, brand new swagger and new attitude. How locked in is Alex Rodriguez? Whatever Kate Hudson is doing I'm all for it!!

You know we are winning this shit tomorrow and the World Series is just a minute away right my Yankee fiends?

Im going downtown tomorrow to watch the Yankees take it....if your out and about let me know ;)

Goodnight my loves!



Slugger27 said...

dont jinx it!!

however, my confidence level = 10 said...

I hope so