Saturday, February 28, 2009

Having a rere strength friend helps sometimes....

Please excuse the blog being a bit spotty for the past few days and this weekend, I have alot going on that should all be taken care of by next week.

So let me start with the Yankees second spring training game vs the Toronto Blue Jays. I thought the pitching was good throughout the game. And making his first appearance was Phil 8 Ball!!!! ahhhh Yes ladies and Gents I get to say that all season long hopefully, so embrace it now! Coke was looking pretty good, that kid has some nasty stuff. But something disturbed me, where were Phil Hughes glasses? Ya know the glasses he needed because he was hiding he was almost blind and that why he sucked last season? LOL I was looking forward to the new funky fresh Hughes.

As far as the at bats, WELCOME BACK JORGE!! What a nice shot over the wall that was. I think Jorge is feeling good....

But then there was the best part of the game......Shelly "ReRe" Duncan BLASTS a 3 run homer to make it 5-1 Yankees. I heard 3 people were injured by Shelly high fiving them afterward. He gives me such joy that special one :)

I don't know much about yesterdays game except that we lost, so who cares. I do care that I'm going to watch today's game at 1:00 on YES. Yay!

I'm also going to pull out my summer clothes for next week and start packing, I cant wait, I need this vacation so badly.

Lots of people have been voting on the new poll. Everytime I check it there seems to be 2 answers that are neck and neck, few days left!


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Add another game to the agenda...

My partner in crime Kat alerted me to the fact that Arod will be playing with Team Dominican Republic vs St. Louis Cardinals on March 5th, aka the day I arrive in Florida!

Got my tix and cant wait to be ejected from Roger Dean stadium. Yay!


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New poll question.

I have put up a new poll question over to the right. "Is a team logo tattoo acceptable?" I bring this up because I mentioned in a previous post that my ex has a Rangers tattoo. I have received emails agreeing that it is a horrendous tattoo to have. However, I have thought about getting a small Yankee symbol tattoo in the past. I believe the difference is that the Yankees have a long history, the symbol is very simple and it can also be seen as a symbol for being from New York.

I am curious to hear what you think. As for the last poll question, "How many people does it take to make Arod look intelligent?", 21 of you voted. 17 say not enough people in the world could accomplish such a task. 3 of you said about 7 people and 1 of you thought he studied rocket science. Well done!

Thanks for reading ;)


Monday, February 23, 2009

The boys went out on a field trip trip today to play some pool. Here is a pic I stole from Peter Abraham's blog:

Lovely shot of my future ex husband Phil Coke and Mariano Rivera. But what I'm really interested in is whats going on here...

Zoomed in, here you see manager Joe Girardi and Shelly Duncan at the pool table. I would looooove to know what Joe was saying to Shelly. It probably went something like this: "Now listen Shelly, if any damage is done to this pool table we will have to pay for it, so do me a favor and tone your retard strength down. Okay?"



Sunday, February 22, 2009

A non baseball post..

I watched the Oscars last night. I must say that it was a nice departure from the usual Oscar format, not as boring. Hugh Jackman did a wonderful job, that man sure loves to sing and dance. Only surprises winner to me was Penelope Cruz for Vicky Christina Barcelona. I have yet to see the movie but I heard shes really fabulous in it. I'll be looking to add that to my netflix queue. No shock that Slumdog millionaire cleaned up. I really enjoyed that flick.

In the past couple of months I have gotten really into cooking. Anyone that has known me for a while has found this quite shocking. Last night I cooked four cheese tortellini bites with marinara sauce to dip, shrimp bisque and coconut shrimp. The coconut shrimp is Jumbo shrimp that is beer battered and then coated in coconut flakes and fried. I'm not a big fan but I always make it because I seem to get alot of request for it. I'm a big fan of dipping sauces and I haven't perfected a sauce for these yet which is probably why I don't eat alot of em. But the tortellini bites were delicious! I could eat them all day. For lunch today I think I will make a spinach and mushroom pizza on whole wheat pita bread. For dinner I am going to make smoked salmon with blue cheese sauce and a quinoa side dish. See, I'm really into it :)

Checking my twitter account this afternoon I came across this ESPN post about the Rangers. I'm not a hockey girl but my ex is a huge Rangers fan, so much so that he has a shiteous Rangers logo tattooed on his lower leg (the letters are crooked. Just shiteous I tell ya.). I can take joy in the fact that hes watching their games and being very let down and pissed off. Kind of how I feel about him. This losing streak began right when we broke up. The gods work in mysterious ways :)

Lastly, I am pissed off about the non drinking rules going on in the bleacher section in the new Yankee stadium, especially since my first game there is in one of these "non sections". Theres a bar in center field!! Can I at least chug beers in there? Cmon people get with the program!! By the way, I'm really getting tired of not getting any credit for the posts on Peter Abraham's blog. I'm responsible for 60 percent of that blog and I'm not getting paid for. Jesus.


Friday, February 20, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009


There is really nothing to blog about during spring training unless, your actually at spring training! I hate going to other peoples blogs and just rehashing whatever they reported. Thank goodness I'll actually be there for a weekend in two weeks so there will be some actual excitement on this blog. Yay!

I'm looking into getting a video camera so I can post some videos of anything interesting that happens but it seems I'm running into one expense after another. My girlfriends car died, so now we have to rent one, then my phone broke so I need to pay the deductible for a new one (I have a google phone so its no 50 dollar deductible, lol) and etc. But I will try!

If you come by the blog leave some comments people! I know how many hits I get so I know y'all are stopping by but I don't know what you think, even if you hate this blog, tell me!!! Or leave suggestions.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009


just posted this headline on their twitter account...

Report: New York Yankees' Andy Pettitte interviewed about Roger Clemens by feds

I'm sorry, who is Roger Clemens?

"Baseball is bigger than Alex rodriguez.."

Ground rules are being laid cellphones, no follow up questions, please no trampling(lol!).

Teammates in attendance as well as Hank Steinbrenner.

Alex is reading a written statement.....that's about 10 pages long.

He says his cousin told him about an over the counter drug available in DR called bulli (cant find a correct spelling yet). This was supposed to act as an energy booster. His cousin was the one who gave it to him but did not give it to any other player. They both decided to take it twice a month for 6 months. He decided to stop taking the drug after a serious neck injury in 2003....Hes explaining what baseball means to him......He has now paused due to becoming emotional, that's the end of the statement.

The media is asking questions...he says he took the drug by injection, he keeps talking about not having a childhood because of baseball(which is not answering the question being asked) Says his cousin is the one who transported the drug from the Dominican. Says he cant really say if the drug gave him an edge because baseball is half physical and half mental. He didn't know what he was taking was steroids. Says he probably was not even taking it right. He didn't think what he was doing was wrong. He keeps saying that he was young and stupid ( I want to smack him at this point). he is being asked if he feels any of his home runs are tainted, which he again does not answer directly. He is being asked if he ever took HGH, he says no. Asked if he has taken amphetamines, hes replies that he used to take "Ripped fuel"(???????????????wtf!) which has been taken down from GNC. He is being asked about Selena Roberts and he says they have spoken and they have put it behind them. He has now said he was immature and stupid AGAIN. Joel Sherman just called his ass out and said "how can you inject yourself with something 36 times and not know what it is?" (Kudos to Joel Sherman!) Alex gets clearly defensive, and goes back to "being young and stupid" This is getting ridiculous. He says he reached out to Katie Couric about 10 days ago to address why he told her he never took steroids. At the time he had no regrets about injecting the drug. Few more nonsense questions and its over.

Well all in all I think Alex did a good job, he answered the primary questions people had after his initial interview with peter Gammons. he definitely was well coached. I'm not sure him getting chocked up was genuine. I think his talent manager thought of that one.

In the end, I believe this will be the last time Alex will address this situation and the public will think what they will. This was the best way possible to handle the situation. However, with the eyes of the world watching and a book on the horizon, the Arod circus is far from over.


Lets the games begin!

So according to every media outlet in the world, the circus has officially begun in Tampa. Its is being said there is over 200 members of the media around. That Alex sure knows how to throw a party! I'm sure the surrounding bars and strip clubs are happy to have Alex and his fame whoring posse around to up the business. I'm told the number of people attending spring training workouts this year has decreased immensely due to the economy.

So 1;30 it is kids....I'll be back with my thoughts on the matter as well as the 1 billion other sports bloggers out there. But guess what? I'm cuter :)


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Monday, February 16, 2009

Follow me on Twitter!

Yankeehottie is now on Twitter. Twitter is a website where you can select different people to follow and get updates from them. For example you click on my link here, and you can choose to follow me. Whenever I am bored, I will update you on what I'm up too and when your bored you can leave replies.


Amuse me people :)


Just like a circus...

Come one, Come all to witness the greatest show on earth!

Alex Rodriguez reports to spring training tomorrow with his posse of agents and managers. How many people does it take to make Alex sound intelligent? Hey, I think I found my next poll question! I'm sure it will be a media frenzy down in Tampa. I'm not sure what time the conference starts but I just so happen to have off tomorrow so I'm sure I will be on my computer all day and watching sports center.

Hope everyone had a great valentines day. I'm sure it was better than mine :(
A girl who likes baseball and I'm single, go figure. I must be a real crazy bitch huh? hahaha

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Friday, February 13, 2009

This just in...

Inside sources have told me that Phil Coke has just arrived to spring training. I'm told his atrocious hair is back in full effect.

Im bringing my scissors.


Monday, February 9, 2009

Where does he go from here....

Now that hes come clean (to an extent) what should Alex do to put this behind him?

A) Become the face of anti steroid use. Start an organization for kids in sports, talk to them about the dangers of using steroids and what it could do to your life.
B) Focus on having a fantastic season and shut the haters up (for now)
C) Stop flaunting his huge ego and bank account (remember the picture of him wiping his face with a $100 bill?)
D) Start studying the Derek Jeter rules to live by book or start going to church with Andy Pettite.
E) Maybe go back to school because according to him he is "very stupid".


Random thoughts so far ...

Alex isn't sure what steroids he used? Umm we have all seen your body Alex, and I'm pretty effin sure you know what goes in your body, that part i had to laugh at.

Alex Rodriguez's legacy is now forever tarnished. No matter what years he used, no matter whether or not he used before the ban of PEDS or PED testing in MLB. The bottom line is that he did in fact use them.
Well Arod has come clean. How much of what he says is 100 percent true who knows but he has taken a step in the right direction. I think fans will be forgiving of Arod, I mean why not, are any of us surprised?

So many factors go into this story however, he tested positive before it was illegal in baseball, does that clear him in your mind? Is MLB to blame? MLB is a big scumbag in all this because they wanted it to be OK for players to use performance enhancers. It was good for baseball, it was good for ticket sales. All of a sudden balls were getting knocked out of the park and there was excitement. Steroids became rampant in baseball starting in the 80s, why did it take so long to put a ban in effect?! Don't be naive people, it all comes down to money. Greed rules the world and money is its god. Secondly, those tests should have been destroyed. Why the hell are they still floating around for members to view?

Everyone is arguing over he should be Hall of fame worthy or not, if because the information regarding Alex was leaked should it matter, MLB completely botched this by not destroying that test, blah blah. Yes that all fact and true but he did and so did Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens. AND countless others that we don't even know about, such as the other 104 names on that list. But there are players who we know for a fact DID NOT used peds. These players are Roger Marris, Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron. These men hold records that are being broken by steroid using players. How about a whole new set of records? How about picking a year or point that new records begin? Its not fair that these men will get the records. The Hall of fame? How about too separate spaces for men who did it naturally and men who didn't. I know this may be a grand idea right now but it makes sense. I say these things because this is the steroid ERA not a steroid season. What do you all think about these ideas? I know there would be alot of details to work out but its something that needs to be thought about eventually because baseball is being torn apart limb by limb.

This is my ramble so far.. ..


Arod admits to Peter Gammons he has used steroids

Details not available at this moment but he has ADMITTED to using performance enhancing drugs. Interesting to see how this unfolds. Dark days for the Yankees ahead, not what we needed this season but we are no stranger to controversy right? How do you feel about Arod?

Working on a lengthy post about all this drama today, stay tuned.
UPDATE: He has admitted to using in 2001, 2002 and 2003 The full interview will air this evening at 6 pm on ESPN.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Arod gets all the attention!

Arod probably did do steroids. He probably did them for years. So has 70 percent of baseball most likely but they haven't gotten caught. If Arod knows whats good for him he will pull an Andy Pettite.

Also working against Alex is the fact that he has repeatedly denied using steroids so everyone is all up in arms. Cmon people, y'all didn't notice that lip twitch during his 60 minutes interview last year? I mean I actually laughed. The man has purple lips, ridiculous skin and that crazy body. Purple lips!!!

Bottom line, if Arod doesnt get into the hall of fame its because this world is full of haters. LOL

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Let the countdown begin...

29 days till I go to spring training! haha Im so excited. If anyone is going hit me up please and lets meet up!! Ive been thinking of new things to do for the blog once things get rolling with the season, I would love to make it more of a community of sorts and try to put together some nights where we could all meet somewhere and watch a game at a pub in Manhattan. Always fun to meet new people!