Tuesday, March 31, 2009


When things get interesting...

This is the time of Spring training when things start to get interesting.

Roster moves are starting to be made and the first big news is that Brett "peanut head" Gardner will be the new center fielder. I thought it to be pretty obvious in the past few weeks. Melky must be so pissed, but he dropped the ball, literally. I think Gardner is going to add a nice little spark to the team, he's gritty and thats what we need this season.

Peter Abrahams blog has a nice post about the YES network and the awards it won at the New York Emmys. One of the awards I found to be an odd choice: Children’s Programming:Yankees on Deck: Know Your Teammate with Mo and Jorge. I actually saw that segment, it was cute, but to win an award...the nominees must have been slim pickins. I didn't see Michael Kay on that list anywhere. Has anyone checked on him today?

But he also mentions some things that have been urking me the past few days. Such as how few games have been on the past few weeks. Such bullshit. I need my fix YES! Whats a junkie to do?

Less than a week away from opening day. :)


Friday, March 27, 2009

Yankee vs Cubs Exhibition game April 4th..

Whos going? Thanks to a reader of this blog I beleive I have a ticket to ride!

If your going let me know, I would love to meet some fellow bloggers/readers at the game :) Its almost here, Yay!! Can't wait to see the new stadium!

Thank god its Friday! Been a long week and ya girl needs a cocktail! haha


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just Checking in!

Hey bitches! Just wanted to let you know I'm still alive, haha.

I haven't been able to update because I'm totally out of the Yankees' loop. I have started my bartending classes so I've been a busy hottie. I work at the salon from 8am until 4 pm, then school is 6-10. By the time I get home I'm exhausted. But class is so much fun! I'm really enjoying it and happy I decided to do it. Who knows, maybe I will luck out and get a gig at a nice sports bar, we can all watch the game together and I will be your hostess with the mostess. Yankeehottie nights!! haha

Hope to be updating sooner than later.....


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ticketmaster blows!

I was online at exactly 10 am to purchase Yankee tickets. Of course the first tickets I went for were to the Red Sox games. After selecting how many tickets I wanted, and what cost, I clicked "find tickets". I was "placed in line" for 15 minutes just to be told that no more tickets were available. To me that is just ridiculousness. In that time I could have been searching for other games or price levels. I was lucky to grab a pair of grandstand seats for the game vs the Angels on May 2nd, but thats about it. I have never seen such a thing on ticketmaster. In the past I have purchased tickets to huge concerts such as Madonna and never experienced a "waiting period" longer than a minute.

It just saddens me that half the people online purchasing these tickets are doing it just to turn around and hike up the price and sell them on stubhub.com.

Had to let that rant out , all better. :)

What game did you get tix too?

Our poll question has expired and the winner is......"Like a Virgin" as Arod's favorite Madonna song. "What it feels like for a girl" was just one percent behind...I really thought that was going to be the clear winner....damn.


Don't forget...

Tickets go on sale in a little less than an hour over at Yankees.com I will be lurking around there at 10 am hoping to get some cheap seats but I am some what pessimistic about that happening. LOL

Lovely article about Arod and a certain madam in the Daily News on Sunday, I'm sure you saw it. What is it with Arod and masculine looking women? He's not the only guy I know that's into chicks who have strong bone structure and all that. Any guys out there willing to explain to me? I'm very curious. That madam chick used to be a client at my salon until she got busted....very nice girl and thats all I'm saying ;)

Later bitches....


Monday, March 23, 2009

Schilling quits one of his day jobs....

No, not his job of being a douchebag, his job as a pitcher.

Ok, so he is kind of a good pitcher, lol, but that's all you are getting out of me!
Now that he is retiring, he will have even more time to be a tool and spew his nonsense on his blog.......

In other news, I have been receiving alot of negative comment from fans of the blog, regarding my crush on Todd Linden. Y'all need to stop hating!!! Haha. Don't worry, I won't remember who he is by the end of the week so it won't even matter :)

Posts may be spotty the next two weeks because I have started my bartending classes. Yay! Don't forget my little donation button on the left...even 10 cents makes a difference!


Friday, March 20, 2009

On a serious note

I have launched a new website called "Help Me Sizzle". I started this website in an effort to help raise funds towards my culinary education. I had decided a while back that I wanted to pursue a career in the culinary arts, but due to various reasons , this is simply not in my financial reach.

Please check out the site, it details everything about my plan and goal.

I have placed a "Donate" button in the sidebar of this site. Whatever you can give, even if its twenty five cents, is deeply appreciated. Just by even forwarding this link to a friend helps a great deal.

Thank you for your time.


It must be Spring because I'm in love!

Last night I was curled up on my couch, watching the Yankees whoop the Blue Jays, when something terrific happened. This gorgeous man came on to the screen, and he was wearing a Yankees uniform......

This picture does him no justice. I suppose I should have known about Todd Linden before, but I don't pay too much attention to the minor leagues. Maybe I should start!

Why am I such a sucker for good ole' fashioned American boys? Mmm mmm mmm...

Just a few reminders: You can add me on Twitter, Myspace or find me on Facebook using the email lovelightlearn@yahoo.com

Thanks to all the people who have added me, you guys rock!



Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Puerto Rico blows it;Yankees spank Herpes...

Just want to start off by letting you all know I am now on FACEBOOK if you have a facebook feel free to add me..but please message me and let me know you are a fan of the blog. My email is lovelightlearn@yahoo.com Search for me ;)

OMG people. I cant believe that WBC game last night! David Wright? You let a Met take it all away from you Puerto Rico! PR had a 2 run lead in the bottom of the ninth and Cabrera loads the bases, David Wright bloops it onto right field to win the game. I'm an American so I am happy for USA but I really wanted to see PR go as far as possible. Sigh.

Moving on, the Yankees played the Pirates (from this point on referred to as Herpes)and gave them a nice whooping, beating them 9-2. CC Sabathia started the game and was looking good, seems he has worked out his mechanics. What a massive chocolate man. I always new he was big but WOW, I really noticed it last night. Anyway, he went four innings with seven strike outs and one earned run. Mariano Rivera pitched in the fifth and did the only thing he knows how to do, shut em down! Matsui smashed one out of the park last night. My favorite quote from last nights game: "If you were outside of the park and heard that sound, you knew it was a homerun and judging by the crowds reaction, you knew it was a Yankee.". Very true.

So I have a new player to hate on this season, Nate McLouth. Listen Nate I don't like you or your too blond hair. You remind me of Jared Leto in Fight Club and I don't like it one bit freaksow. You've been warned.

One last thing, I don't know if you were watching last nights game but did you notice when Joe Girardi was being interviewed during the game and he had some guy with him, the host from Yankees on Deck I think. Apparently he got to hang out with Joe all day as honorary manager, yeah Girardi definitely hated it. He was sooo giving the stink eye the whole interview.

Hope you all have a happy hump day!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Baseball Tonight UPDATED

The Yankees game will be on YES tonight and I believe CC Sabathia will be starting and Mariano Rivera will be making his spring debut...going to be interesting to see if CC bounces back from his last outing. And Mo, well lets see if Mo is still Mo but I'm guessing he wont have a problem.

I will also be tuning into Puerto Rico vs USA in the classic. I was so disappointed with PR's loss last night vs Venezuela, but both teams had phenomenal pitching. I knew after the 7th inning it was dunzo for PR. Will USA get some payback after the ass whooping PR put on them last time? I'm guessing not with all their injuries...what do you think?

Omg! I didn't realize we were playing the PIRATES! I've only been watching for a few minutes and I can feel the herpes in the air...if your new to the blog then I shall explain. The pirates share the same infested clubhouse hooker....thus they all have contracted herpes from her. I know this because if you look carefully there are always at least 3 herp visible on the mouth.....seems crazy I know but if you look you will see the evidence.

Happy St A-Rod day!!....

Our dear A-Rod is the cover boy for this month's "Details" magazine. Inside there is a photo spread that includes more pictures of Alex loving himself through a mirror..... Oh Alex, when will you stop the insanity? You are not doing yourself any favors baby. Case in point: Their is a gay stylist in my salon right now showing the rest of the staff the NY POST and telling them you came out of the closet and that's why you were hanging out with Madonna.
For a man who has 8 or so people to tell him what to do in life on payroll, I would think photos like this would be avoided. If you were a little more nude however, then I wouldn't mind so much....

In the accompanying interview its is said that Alex revealed his favorite Madonna song, but 2 weeks later contacted the magazine pleading for them not to release the song title. He didn't want opposing teams blasting it in their clubhouses. This leads us to our new poll question...

What Madonna song do you think ARod said was his favorite? Vote to the left bitches...

Happy St. Patricks Day!!!


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Go Puerto Rico!!

Just watched Puerto Rico whoop some ass in Miami vs team USA. Sorry Jeter, I love you but I am just totally rooting for PR to take it. Winning a game 11 to 1 putting the mercy rule in effect is a whooping.

This places the USA to play the Netherlands tomorrow, if they loose their out. What are the Netherlands still doing in this? Its an effin sin I tell ya!

I went to see Ms. Britney Spears last night in Newark at the Prudential center. It was a great show keeping you entertained the whole time. She looked great and her dancing was tight. One problem tho.....she didn't sing not one song live. I know its Britney so I didn't expect much vocally but not ONE song? A ballad maybe so your not worrying about choreography while singing...that to me was ridiculous. The other thing that surprised me was the amount of fans going so crazy for her. I know Brits got alot of fans but given everything that shes been through the past 2 years you would think some of them fell off the wagon. NOT the case, the only way I can describe the experience is by comparing it to another. The scene in the arena had to be what a Madonna concert was in the 80's at the height of her career to that generation. People were hyperventilating, chasing tour buses and dressed up as her in various videos or dressed up as part of the "Circus".....

I know my pictures are not the greatest but my camera is shit, what can I say. LOL.

So getting to some Yankees news.....Robinson Cano and Demaso Marte will undergo MRIs tomorrow for injuries they complained about after returning from the WBC...the ones they apparantly had before they got to their teams in the classic. Here's a word of advice guys, next time you have a pain or injury......you say something right away and DONT FUCKING PLAY BASEBALL THROUGH IT! What is wrong with people? Stupidity is whats wrong. Sorry I just got so frustrated when I heard that this morning, it took me back to last season when Phil Hughes said he had eyesight problems all season but didn't say anything. If you feel stupid coming on again, call me and I will knock it out of you..I mean what are friends for?

On another note, I wanted to tell you guys about my new favorite show, "Eastbound and Down" on HBO. Dude, its the funniest craziest comedy ever, its so wrong its good. I know the first four episodes are on demand right now so if you get some free time check it out. Its basically about a washed up pitcher who was great once upon a time in the majors and now has been reduced to teaching phys ed at an elementary school and moving in with his brother and his family. He just cant let go of the dream....

Happy Saturday night bitches..


Friday, March 13, 2009

Say it aint so Bernie!!!

I'm already protesting Chris Brown and Rhianna for being assholes, I dont want to have to do it to Bernie Williams as well......

According to AP
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — A woman has filed a complaint against former Yankees center fielder Bernie Williams for allegedly hitting her at a nightclub while she took his picture.

Officer Angel Nazario said the woman claimed Williams snatched the camera, damaged it and hit her in the face. The incident allegedly happened around 2:30 a.m. Thursday at a San Juan nightclub, hours after the Puerto Rican team beat the Netherlands 5-0 in the World Baseball Classic.

Williams, who is playing for Puerto Rico, left with the team on Thursday for Miami. It will play the United States in the tournament's second round.

Officer Marisol de Jesus said police are investigating.

Team manager Lou Melendez did not immediately return a call for comment.

Also want to give a quick shoutout to my friend Christine who is on her way to Tampa right now and will be checking out the infamous Mons Venus...do it up for me girl!!!


Thursday, March 12, 2009

random post....

Its minutes away from being Friday...so happy weekend bitches!! I for one am super excited because tomorrow night I get to see Britney Spears in concert.....don't laugh, I love that girl. Actually I heard Arods fave song right now is Britney's Circus. Look up the lyrics, you will understand why......

Then on Saturday theres some exciting WBC action going down.....USA vs Puerto Rico. I've been hoping for this and I think its going to be an awesome game......anybody with me? Yeah probably not many but I know there's a few of you!!

Sorry for the lack of updates but computer is pretty much finished :( saving up for a new one should be in about 2 weeks......have a great weekend kids !!!!


Monday, March 9, 2009

Today is my last day here in Florida :( I had a fabulous time and got to see some old friends. Today me and christine are going to the shooting range and Christine is going to teach me to shoot. I'm not sure what to be more afraid of, Christine with a gun or me with a gun. Its been a rough few weeks for me so Im hoping this will be theraputic!

I just noticed that the email I had up for my contact is no longer a valid one. It was the email account I had set up on my old phone which didn't transfer to the new one so my apologies if you had tried to contact me in the past few weeks. I have put a new one up. Feel free to email me any questions comments or link exchange requests. Have a kick ass Monday!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Day 2 in Tampa...UPDATED* with pics and video

So my second day in Tampa was a blast! I headed over to the field around 12ish. I got to catch the end of batting practice and I got my first up close encounter with Shelly Duncan! In person and up close I have to say, he doesnt look so ReRe! He's actually a handsome guy......

After that I took my seat in the stadium and proceeded to drink off my headache from the night before. Me and Kat went out to a bar called louie something or other. I remember its next to Blue Martini. Well, guess who I ran into...... Mr. Peter Abraham! Really nice guy and I just noticed now the nice little shoutout he gave me on his blog, thanks so much Pete! I knew something was up when I looked at my poll results (over to the right) and there was already 127 votes as opposed to the 27 I usually get in a week, lol. So if you are new to the blog, welcome and I hope you check in from time to time!! If your a heavy stat person this is not the blog for you, all I hope to do is give my take and offer some comic relief to you.

Anyway, game was great to watch. Wang was looking sharp on the mound as well as everyone else who pitched. My boy Phil Coke got an inning in so I was happy :). Tex made a really nice play at first and Cody Ransom was continuing his campaign to take Alex Rodriguez's position if needed (guy must be foaming at the mouth!). I want to take a second here to explain why I don't really blog about all the Arod crap, its simple really. I value my life....meaning I just cant get myself down thinking about someone who is obviously a tool. Great player but total moron. I have given Alex the benefit of the doubt time and time again and everytime he does something to show me hes a fool. So there you have it.
During the game I walked out to get a beer and I could see someone playing ball on the BP field with a little boy. It was Joba Chamberlain! It was the cutest thing ever, he was playing with a little boy (I'm assuming it was his son). .......It was a cool thing to see........


After the game me and Kat headed back to the hotel and stopped at the lobby bar for a drink and food because they had the USA game on. We ate and caught the rest of that game ( was surprised Canada had as close of a game as it did) Kat went to the room to take a nap as I should have done but no, I got sucked into the Puerto Rico vs Panama game(um where was all that Ivan Rodriguez talent last season when we had him?) and talking shit with a bunch of people at the bar, met a really great couple that were diehard Yankee fans....we talked about everything from the history of the team to the current situations the Yankees face. Next thing you know I'm drunk as a skunk and its 9pm, Kat came back to the bar dressed ready to go out for the evening so I went back to the room to change. I accomplished this task and then just passed the f*ck out! Knee high boots and all. Poor Kat tried to wake me but I was exhausted and done for the evening, which brings me to blogging at 6:30 am, I woke up at 4 am and haven't been able to fall back asleep. This is our last day in Tampa sadly and then its back to West Palm Beach till Monday night. I really had a great time here and will definitely be back next year. Now I know what to expect, where to stay, etc. Next year I am planning to stay for a whole week, a weekend just doesn't cut it, I just tried to get way too much done in such a short amount of time. Today the game plan is to get some breakfast, put on my bikini and layout by the pool to try and correct the RIDICULOUS Farmers tan I have going on! A farmers tan is when your arms get tan but you have a line from your T-shirt sleeves, not cute.

So thanks for reading bitches and enjoy your Sunday..

P.S. Phil Coke was not harmed on this trip.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pictures Post!

Post game fireworks.....
Post game fireworks...its not easy taking pics of fireworks...

Me, Kat and my bad ass vintage jacket

Our view.......

Me and my Kit Kat

Just like home.......

Scoreboard.....ReRe's picture is better than last year...I think


More pictures to come soon, lots more from Kat's Camera.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Greeting from Tampa!!

Arrived in Tampa this evening (finally). Weather is great but cools off a bit at night, thank god I brought my mothers awesome vintage 80s leather jacket. Stayed in West palm last night at Kat's place, we went to the DR game which was cool. Me and Robinson Cano made eyes with eachother but that's about it sadly. After the game we went to her tattoo artist and I had him redo two existing ones I had and a new one on the front of my ankle. If your in south Florida and looking for an awesome artist, look up INK LINK in west palm beach and ask for Erik. Hes a smart ass but great at what he does.

Tonight we went to the Yankee game vs the Tigers. We had a blast. The stadium feels like the old Yankee stadium. Same exact energy. Honestly I didn't expect that here in Florida. Brett Gardner played center this evening which caused me to scream "peanut head" the whole game, which the folks around me found quite amusing. All in all it was a fun time. I will update more tomorrow and post up all the pics I took tomorrow.

Back at the hotel now and getting ready to go out and party :)

Thanks for reading!


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Arod ruins lives...

According to reports, Alex Rodriguez has a cyst on his hip and will be going to see a specialist today. AKA he wont be playing for DR against the Cardinals tomorrow. Who am I supposed to yell at now? I don't really have anything funny to yell at Cano except "whore". That loses its funniness after one time. Anyone have any suggestions?

As for the last poll, its a tie! The question was "Do you think a sports logo tattoo is acceptable?" The tie is between "Yes" and "only if you live in a trailer park." I'm so torn! Tie breaker? :)

Hope you all are having a wonderful week so far! I leave for Tampa tomorrow morning, I cant wait to bask in the sunshine!


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Monday, March 2, 2009


What up what up! My computer has a nasty virus that I'm trying to correct, this happens to me every 5 months or so but this time its different. I'm locked out of my desktop upon startup, any ideas? Once windows starts up all I see is my background but no icons, start button, etc. Keyboard commands don't do anything either so I'm stumped! So far I have got on the computer in safe mode and keep running different tests and healing infected files which seems to be helping but has not fully corrected the problem, so if there is anyone with a clue about this out in bloggerland, please leave me a comment, I will check it from my phone.

I'm home today with a cold so I'm trying to rest. I looked out my window at around 430 this morning and the snow looked so beautiful, I love when its that way, untouched. Now Its just a white slippery mess! LOL

I'm not impressed with the Yankees so far..... grrrrr