Thursday, April 30, 2009

The A-rod circus has just announced new tour dates...

New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez could return from a hip injury in as few as 10 days.

But he is already back in the headlines.

More details from Sports Illustrated writer Selena Roberts' book "A-Rod" were released Wednesday by the New York Daily News. The book alleges Rodriguez did not stop using steroids when he was traded to the Yankees in 2004, and he might have been using as far back as high school, the Daily News reports.

Rodriguez has admitted to using performance-enhancers while with the Texas Rangers from 2001 to 2003, but insists he stopped when he was dealt to New York.

Roberts broke the story that A-Rod failed a steroid test in 2003. Yankees teammates, Roberts writes, nicknamed Rodriguez "B---h T--s" in 2005 because he put on 15 pounds in the offseason that resulted in round pectorals, a condition called gynecomastia that can be caused by anabolic steroids.

Roberts' book, which will be released May 12, also details Rodriguez's relationship with Dominican trainer Angel Presinal, who is banned from major league clubhouses. The Daily News does not say how it obtained a copy of the Harper Collins book.

Rodriguez was not available for comment Thursday morning. He was expected to play in an extended spring training intrasquad game Thursday in Tampa, Fla.

Jose Canseco, a former teammate of Rodriguez, said in the book he believes Rodriguez has been using steroids since high school.

"Was he on steroids in high school?" Canseco said in the book, the Daily News reported. "I think probably so. I worked out with him when he was 18. He could lift almost as much as I could."

Rodriguez put on 25 pounds of muscle between his sophomore and junior years. Former high school teammates told Roberts that A-Rod was using steroids back then and his coach knew it -- an allegation the coach, Rich Hoffman, denied.

Other allegations in Roberts' book, according to the Daily News:

• A-Rod "pitch tipped" when he played for the Rangers by letting opponents at the plate know which pitch was coming in lopsided games. A-Rod expected players he helped would reciprocate when he was having an off night and needed to get his batting average up.

• A-Rod's off-the-field antics including his poker habit; his divorce from his wife, Cynthia, his relationship with Madonna and his other affairs are detailed.

• A-Rod was hated at Hooters, where he tipped the minimum 15 percent.

Rodriguez hit in a simulated game for the second consecutive day on Wednesday, facing minor leaguer pitchers Christian Garcia and Kai Liu, a left-hander from China the Yankees signed two years ago.

Rodriguez slid five times on a sliding mat for the second time, ran the bases and took 112 swings in regular batting practice.

The Yankees said Rodriguez will play in an extended spring training intrasquad game Thursday in Tampa, Fla.

Dr. Marc Philippon watched the three-time AL MVP's on-field workout Wednesday at the Yankees minor league complex and said Rodriguez could return to the majors ahead of his May 15 target date.

Hooters hates A-rod. HA! You bitches should only get tipped 15% for having the nerve to wear those shiteous orange shorts.

That Selena Roberts sure is a crafty one. Releasing the book right when A-rod is scheduled to start playing again. Genius. I might just get the book just to see what and who her "sources" are, besides Jose Conseco. Can't stomach that man.

Will you be reading "A-Rod"?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yankees vs Tigers

Another reason to love Nick Swisher. Swisher went deep from both sides of the plate tonight. When he slumps he slumps, but when he hits he HITS.

Ive got a new nickname from Matsui. Quiet Storm. He is quietly getting healthier and making some noise at the plate. The Yankees insist they are taking it easy with him, hes not going to field anytime soon, but man does he look good to me.

I missed the first couple of innings, but it seems Joba had a better outing than I expected.

Here's a thought. Are the Yankees starting to come alive, or is the Tigers pitching just that bad?



Good morning!!

Hi kiddies!! I don't think I've ever posted so early. It might have something to do with the redbull I'm drinking. Anyway, nice to wake up with a Yankee win right? I'm really happy Phil Hughes came up and showed his stuff off. Good job Phil! Speaking of Phil, I need to think of a cool nickname for Phil....I can't use "Big Glasses" because they seem to be gone. And I'm over franchise Phil. I smell a new poll question coming!

Tonight the Yanks have Joba on the mound. If the bats are alive, I think we have a shot. If not, then its questionable. Joba has not been the starter we were all hoping for. He has lost that velocity and control we have come to expect from him. Some may argue that as the weather warms up so will his arm, but I don't know how much I buy into that. He's not going back to the bullpen so anyone who wants to bring that up can forget it now. Its simply not an option with Wang lost in space. However, it is the Yankees we are talking about so who knows what can happen.

I hope everyone has a wonderful wednesday!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Yankees vs Tigers

I'm very bummed that Phil Hughes is not wearing his goggles/glasses tonight. I thought he was looking pretty hot with them on. Anyway, the game is in the middle of the 5th right about now and there's no score. Phil has been a lot better than I expected. He's only walked 2 so far and he's got 5 strikeouts. I gotta say, Phil looks constipated. He's probably thinking "Ok, I gotta take this huge shit, but I can't until I finish this game."
The Tigers have some doofy looking fuckers on their team, don't they? I've been waiting for a good retard looking team to make fun of besides the pirates.
The Yankees are starting to look really lost at that plate man. I'm having deja vu of last season. Is Teixiera alive up there? My god, is he gonna hit something this season? Teixiera is the new Arod!
I miss Arod. Isn't it crazy how everyone hated his guts before the season and now everyone thinks he's going to be our savior? The good news is if they still suck after he gets back we can blame it all on him.
Do y'all hear the one guy in the stands yelling at every Yankee that comes up? I would love for just once to see a player charge the stands, that would be amazing. Yeah yeah I know it'll never happen, but a girl can dream can't she? That guy is making crazy noises now, indian noises? Lol.
So Phil is still in for the 6th inning, still looking good. I think he took that shit at the top of the inning. In all seriousness he looks great and confident. He's coming for your spot Wang!! Figure it out son! Haha

Top of the 7th now, Swisher actually got a hit with no outs and now Melky walks. Nah, not getting excited yet. Molina is trying to bunt but not much luck so far. Wait, there it is. Runners of 2nd and 3rd w some young kid shitting the bed on the mound. Pinch hitting is Posada. Hmmmm I don't know if I like that but let's see. Yeah def don't like that move, it was dumb. Wait! That doof anderson on the tigers is dumb because he didn't catch that ball. Ha! 2-0 Yanks. Wait that was harsh, he's a young buck. Your not that doofy Anderson. You could use a tan though, just saying.
On another note, are these GEICO commercials annoying the shit out of anyone else?

Well loooooookie here, a ten run inning!!! A series of shitty pitchers and batting practice began. Way to deflate someones tires eh? Phil most definetly took that shit now! The Tigers manager is gonna go Shelly Duncan on those pitchers. Poor guys.
8th inning we sent out Mark Melancon who had a 123 inning. They played a short clip of him being interviewed before the game. Yeah. He's never spoke to the media before, it was a little re re Mark I'm sorry. But your new so ill let it slide.
Mark Teixiera up to the plate......................fghjklswabdsvbnmsaz. Oh shit sorry, I fell asleep. Teixiera has that effect on me.

I'm taking my dad to the Yankee game this Saturday, I'm so excited. He hasn't seen the new stadium yet, I can't wait to see his face. If your going, hit me up. I forget what section I'm in now but ill make a post w the info. Come holla at Yankeehottie and Yankeedaddie. :)

Also, this is day 9 of no smoking for me. I'm very proud of myself, so I wanted to share that with y'all. I smoked for 10 years so needless to say it was a tad difficult. Lol

Bottom of the eigth inning still 10 zip. I think I'm done for the night, tomorrows a long day for me at work and I need my beauty rest. Thanks for reading, love you guys!!
Go yanks!

Marisol is debating...

live blogging the return od Phil "big glasses" Hughes this evening.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I'm done.

That steal at home plate just really got to me. Posada barely fucking moved, how could he not see that?

Someone call me when the Yankees remember how to play baseball and hire a manager with some balls.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Check these out.

Loyal reader of the blog, Haasan, or better known on here as Navy 64 attended the game vs the Athletics that went extra innings. he sent me these GREAT photos he took. I decided to share some of them with you :)

My Favorite for obvious reasons
Posada and Mo having a Pow Wow
"Look at me !"

Sick shot

Enter Sandman
Thats a big dude.

Have I mentioned...

how much I hate the Boston Red Sox? I wanted to punch my television last night when that fat pirate looking Youkilis hit that homerun. He looks like a character from an old boxing NINTENDO game, bobbing around like that at the plate.

Tis is Yankees vs Red Sox. It is never an easy game, even when Boston sucks.

It hurts even worse because we lost the lead in that game with Mariano on the mound. But why was he on the mound in the 8Th inning? Abaledejo (spelling?) could have closed out that inning I think. It was a very odd move by Girardi. Thoughts?

The one positive thing I can say about this game is that our boys battled. There were games vs the Sox last season where the Yankees just didn't even seem like they wanted to play. Every pitcher that went to that mound last night showed heart and emotion. Joba struggled but got the big doubled play balls he needed. Phil Coke barely took a breath between pitches and was visibly pissed when Girardi took him out. That's how good he was feeling out there. Even Marte was shouting to himself after strkeouts. That made me feel good. Marte had filthy stuff last night, and he did his best so you cant hate on him. When I saw Youkilis' face right before he hit that ball, I already knew it was over. He knew it too, he was ready to smash the next thing that came over that plate.

The other thing you have to admire was the patience being showed by the Yankee's at the plate. There were alot of walks last night, anyone who couldn't hit was going to find a way too walk.

Lastly, it seemed Girardi got the memo. The memo being to be more aggressive with his decisions. For once I didn't feel as though he was leaving pitchers out there to long and seemed to be more in charge then usual. That's why i was on the Girardi bandwagon when names were being thrown around for the managing position. I wanted that same grit he had w the Marlins. Last night was the first time I saw it.

So even though we lost, I can't be THAT mad, because to me, it was a vast improvement from last season.


Friday, April 24, 2009

Nick Swisher saves the economy.

Ok that was totally exaggerated. But the DOW did go up after Nick Swisher rang the opening bell yesterday for the NY Stock exchange. That Nick, he can do it all!

Yankees vs.Boston tonight. I would like to see the Yankees take 2 out of 3. I believe its going to be Lester vs Joba, so it should be interesting.

The Red Sox won't be seeing Wang, so thats a relief. I could NOT deal with that pain.

Warm weather coming this weekend, so enjoy it bitches :)


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Who's ready....

for the Boston vs Yankees insanity this weekend??! Anyone got anything planned, like a bar meetup or something? I can post it here for you.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous Thursday so far!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yankees vs Athletics continued...

I'm laying down in my bed.........
Omg you pervs, where did your mind just go? Haha
Wasn't much to blog about in the second half of this game anyway. We are in the top of the 9th. Mariano on the mound. I would like to retract my Giambi statement from earlier. That was my cold talking.
That damn Suzuki gets another hit...
Mariano does what he does and the game is ova bitches. Yanks win this 5-3.
A hottie needs her rest. Goodnight Yankee faithful!

Yankees vs Athletics 4.21.09

First live blog of the season kids!

We are underway in the bottom of the 2nd inning at Yankee Stadium and it is 4-0 Yanks. Always a good thing. Yankees are still at bat.

Giambi is at first base for Oakland. Welcome back greasy bear! I missed you, you nut! Since everyone in the lineup seems to be hitting singles, they are getting their time with Jason at first base. And we all know how Jason loooooves to chat over there. Mark Texiera was just on first chatting. Giambi must be thinking "You young son of a bitch, stole my spot on the Yankeess. And all that NY ass I was enjoying." I cant wait to see how sweaty he gets.

TOP OF THE 3rd: Pettite gives up a double to some motorcycle named suzuki. Another hit, past Andy but stopped by Jeter, saving a run.

Anyway, nice double play there by Mark Texiera. He gets the runner at first and then throws home to get the runner on 3rd. how ya like them apples Giambi? Never saw you do that! haha
End of inning. Still 4-0 Yanks.

They are showing footage of Nick's time with the A's. His hair was long at the time and he was rocking pigtails. I just fell in love a little more. Baby I'm a freak and I don't really give a damn, I'm crazy as a mother fucker, bet that on ya man...

I would just like to take a minute to express my disgust toward the Athletic's uniforms. What an unfortunate green.

I have the chills and have been battling a cold since Sunday...this aint good :(

The A's pitcher, Eveland, pretty much sucks so it looks like we will be facing our old buddy Dan Giese ( who I was surprised to see go from the Yankees bc I thought he had alot of potential)... we go to the 4th.

TOP OF THE 4th: Giambi is up to bat. I know I'm gonna get hated on for this, but Giambi is looking SEXY! Did he lose weight? Or is this a sign that Im really sick? hmmm...... Jason gets himself a single..

Bases loaded, no outs. Pettite is in trouble as well am I. Im taking my ass to bed kids :(...I'll probably follow this up via email post....

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sorry for the broken up posts...

I'm experimenting with mobile texting and email posts. Yeah, I'm a late bloomer.

Xoxo Marisol

they do it, he can't go out on that mound until he's figured it all out. Thoughts?
options left and needs 5 years major league experience before he can be sent down. So the Yankees will have to go the DL list route or something. Anyway
I stand corrected....thanks to a reader of the blog for pointing out that Wang can't actually be sent down. I did some googleing and found out he has no

If you cant beat em join em!

Yep. Melissa's face says it all.

As you all know I went to that DISASTER of a game on Saturday vs the Cleveland Indians.

Chien Ming Wang has a mental problem. He is a complete deer in headlights on the mound. The fact that Girardi is "still undecided" about Wang's next start is extremely disturbing. He needs to be sent down, get his head checked and they need to send Hughes up for a start. How come we all know this, but Joe Girardi doesn't?

Not to make the day a complete waste I had to find humor in the day. It was a gorgeous day afterall, and I had second row bleachers seats. I enjoyed my first roll call of the season, and enjoyed making fun of Grady Sizemore. Poor guy got an earful the whole game, for example "This is the house that Sizemore built!" and "Hey Shitmore, nice grandslam asshole." and so on. The Rangers won that afternoon, so there was alot of "Lets go Rangers!" chants around the stadium.

I also REALLY enjoyed being so close to the MOHEGAN SUN bar. That spot is really nice! I'm actually thinking about putting together a small group of people and maybe getting seats in there for my birthday in August. They have ticketed seats inside right in front of the glass so you can see the whole game but your inside. I believe you get your own waitress too and they have a menu of food and a full bar. Alcoholic note: The bar serves past the 7th inning and you are allowed to take beer (not liquor) back to your seat! We also hit up the the Tommy Bahama tiki bar that's located above the Great Hall. Interesting crowd that hangs out there.

Overall, me and Melissa had a blast. We got some color, got drunk and had alot of laughs. Good times.



P.S. - No Tara!!! Have the Yankee gods heard my prayers? Or was she just off? Or was she there and the turned the volume down on her? LOL

Friday, April 17, 2009


I'll be at this Saturday's Yankee game! If your going ,come by and say hi. My seats are in the bleachers. Im the girl with the flaming red hair and will be with a platinum blond w huge jugs, about half my size, wearing a white Yankee cap chugging a beer. I'll be running around looking for a keg to do keg stands on.



Yankee fans are angry.

It seems everytime I flip a page in the newspaper, there is another article about angry Yankee fans. Not because the team has been stinking it up on the field, but because of tickets. Everyone is saying that the real fans have been priced out. But I don't believe this is the case...

I think that whomever was the one making these decisions thought about it a completely different way. They probably thought that Yankee fans are the most loyal in the world and would pay a little more for tickets. Sadly, this back fired and its the scalpers and the tourists who are paying top dollar.

I do agree however that something should be at least acknowledged. Ticketmaster should have been looked into by someone (because it was ridiculous the way they handled Yankee tickets). Actually the pricing is not even bad, but it was impossible for most people to get the tickets they wanted at regular price. So really its other people just ripping you off on StubHub and other sites.

My advice to you if you want to get tix that are not ridiculously priced: Find a season ticket holder, alot of time there are games they cant make and are willing to sell you the ticket at an acceptable price and always check StubHub and like sights the day off or even hours before. Who ever is selling the tix would rather break even then eat the ticket. I'm kinda babbling here but I just wanted to explore the topic I guess. LOL



Wednesday, April 15, 2009

AJ Burnett, my hero.

For the second time in a row, AJ Burnett played savior to the Yankees and their fans, pitching an outstanding game last night. This is what our pitching staff SHOULD look like.

By the 5th inning AJ had not allowed a hit and the thought on everyones mind was of course "No Hitter". The thought that no one dare speak of except Micheal Kay apparently. I think the best text I received last night was "I really want to talk to you, but I can't and you know why." Yes, we all knew why.

But alas, in the 7th inning Carl Crawford, (who will now be added to the 2009 players that ruin lives list)Came to the plate and singled off Burnett, ending the no hitter. This shook Burnett briefly, who then allowed two more hits back to back and tieing the game. But he quickly settled down and pitched through the 8th inning flawlessly. Well done AJ!

The other story of the night was the beef that Tampa Bay had with Nick Swisher. Swisher came to the plate vs Matt Garza (who also pitched a great game) and received a nice up and in fast ball VERY close to his head. Swisher shot a look to the mound, then went deep and homered off Garza. That's how you answer an intentional throw people. Nick Swisher is officially the man in my book. The following inning Burnett went up and in on Evan Longoria which many beleived to be and answer back. At this point I was sure there would be a bench clearing brawl. I think the possible no hitter took away from that a bit though.

After everything, the Yankees needed to win this in my mind. Enter : Peanut Head. Gardner hits a huge ground rule double to get him on base. Enter: Captain Clutch. Jeter blasts a huge 3 run homer, solidifying the Yankees lead.

Finally, Brian Bruney. Lights fu*king out! He looks really great and has nasty stuff. I'm glad Bruney is still around and I think he is going to be a huge part of the Yankees bullpen all season, hes really shown his dedication to his craft.

THIS is what a Yankee game should be kids. Lets take this series!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sometimes you gotta laugh to keep from crying.

I really don't have words to describe the embarrassment of last night's Yankee game, so I will let this video do it for me...

Even given the circumstances, this shit was funny. I love Nick Swisher's positive attitude towards life.

Nick was the Yankee's most effective pitcher! Whats happening here?

Also Micheal Kay should stfu about him wanting to keep the ball, he earned it!!

Seriously though, something is very very wrong with Chien Ming Wang. How long till Wang gets sent down to the minors and the Yankees call up Phil Hughes?



Friday, April 10, 2009


Rest in Peace Nick Adenhart.

My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. Such a young life cut short by senseless tragedy.

Don't drink and drive kids.

Well thank god for AJ

Just when I was about to step off the chair I was standing on, with rope around my neck, AJ Burnett reminded me what a pitcher looks like.

After two horrendous starts by CC Sabathia and Wang, Burnett started yesterday's game with grit and emotion. He allowed two runs on seven hits, walked one and struck out six.

The bats were alive as well. Mark Texiera finally knocked one out to shut em up. Nick Swisher got his first start of the season and ended up having a multi hit game, which included a 2 run homer. Someone finally told Cano the correct start date of the season and he has been bringing his A-game, showing alot more patience at the plate.

The Yankees won this 11-2.

Today the Yankees start a series against some team from Kansas City. It will be Andy Pettite vs Sidney Ponson. Should be a good match up if Ponson is sober.

Happy day for all the NY Ranger fans out there, they defeated the Flyers 2-1 to earn themselves a spot in the playoffs. Congrats!

Happy holidays everybody! Have a great weekend, go Yanks!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009


When you go to Yankee stadium, over the course of the game, they play these games for prizes with someone in the stands. The girl who asks the question to the fan is named Tara. This of course is on the Jumbotron and over the PA system. Being a brand new system its crystal clear.

Our dear Tara has an unforgettable voice. Not in a good way. Think a highly pitched brooklyn guidette. "This is Taaaaarraaaa." No bitch, this is terror on my ears!! I swear the whole stadium turned around and looked at eachother in disgust.

I have a new goal at the stadium this season....destroy Tara before my eardrums bleed.

You've all been warned.


First game is in the can..

The excitement, the joy........the dud!

What happened to CC Sabathia only he knows. He had no control of his fastball and was unable to record a strikeout. Mind boggling. Shocking? No. This team has a track record of big contract players being flops at first, not that I'm saying this is ok, but it is a fact the past few years.

Tex choked on every opportunity he had to shut the booing Baltimore fans up and the bullpen was just ok.

Here's hoping for a better game tomorrow!! Otherwise I will have to start stacking up on bottles of Jameson to wash away these painful moments.


Monday, April 6, 2009

Its here!!!

First game of the season is upon us....ahhhh dont it feel grand?!

I went to the exhibition game on Saturday and I must say that I was floored by the new stadium. Its everything you could wish for and more, just visually stunning. Food, food and more food. The bleachers are upgraded dramatically so if your a bleacher creature its like you have been living in the holiday inn and you just got upgraded to the Hilton. LOL I have pics but I left my camera usb at work so tomorrow I will have them up.

By the way, I passed my bartending exam so everyone watch out!! haha.

Enjoy the game today bitches!!


Extra kisses and hugs today!