Sunday, May 31, 2009

Checking in..

Yo yo yo! I know I have not posted in a few days, for that I apologize.

I have been busy working and doing bartending gigs here and there, but I have been watching the games.

Todays game was a heartbreaker, losing after coming back to tie the game. Phil Coke startred the 9th inning by walking a batter and then David Robertson gave up a hit allowing that run to score. The Indians win this one 5-4.

Can somebody tell me when a yankee is going to hit a line drive in Carl Pavano's face? I mean seriously. I hate to admit it but he shut us down today. I really wish him nothing but terrible things. LOL

I got bored this afternnon so decided to have an impromptu photo shoot. Heres some pics for your enjoyment. Ha ha.

I know, I'm a little crazy.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Don't like the back seat, gotta be first."

Great game last night for the Yankees. At least what I saw until the 8th, I fell asleep :( The gym in the AM is killing my game schedule. LOL. Oh and minus Jose Veras who sucks and was responsible for the 2 runs scored by the Rangers. When is Girardi going to get that the man is terrible?

Hideki Matsui went deep twice last night. I personally think that hes figured out that if he homers, he won't have to stand at the plate that long. Watching him swing at pitches has been scary lately. He can barely stay on his feet. HOMER OR DIE!

But, my favorite part of the game by far was when Kevin Cash came out to the mound as if he was going to talk to A.J. Burnett, picked up the rosin bag, didn't say a word and just tossed it back to the ground. The look A.J. gave him was PRICELESS. I think that should be the new move when a catcher wants to tell the pitcher 'Get your shit together."

With the win last night the Yankees move into first place, making them tied with Boston. SUCK IT BOSTON! I hope you fail miserably this afternoon.

The Mets move into first as well. Lots of happy New York baseball fans today :)


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Not worth the delay.

The Yankee game was delayed 2 and a half hours last night due to a storm coming through Texas, giving it a 10:30 start time. I'm not gonna lie, I only made it 2 innings. I was exhausted from the weekend and just couldn't do it. Honestly I didn't have much inspiration to after Joba got knocked around in the first inning.

Melky Cabrera also got knocked in the first inning, well his shoulder anyway, trying to make a running catch in center field. He ran into the wall and injured his shoulder having to leave the game. I hope he's ok, he's been doing so well.

Anyway, I caught SPORTSCENTER before I left the house and I'm glad I didn't stay up for that crap! Looks like the bullpen blew the game. I saw Philly 8ball promptly gave up a homerun. Ugh.

Gotta run, on my way to my Pilates class. Let's see how this goes. Lol.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday Randomness.

For shits and giggles....

Ouch. I hate when I get hit in the nuts too Melky.

I am pissed about this Brian Bruney situation. Why would he not say anything about his elbow still hurting. I really loathe when players do this. I understand they want to play but I really think its irresponsible. Silly kids.

Why in the world is it time for another game on MY9?! Shouldn't these games be more spaced out? Your killing me MY9. I cant wait to see what tonight's post game activities will consist of. Maybe Alex Rodriguez sings Madonna? How about "All about the Muppets" with Derek Jeter? That one sounds like a good one actually.

Lastly, I was told you shouldn't blog about people without their permission. It's not nice.

This ain't a nice girl's blog loves. ;)

I will be on twitter tonight during the game. Follow me HERE.

Go Yanks!


Monday, May 25, 2009

My weekend wrap up.

Did y'all miss me?

Just got in from my friend Melissa's bbq in Staten Island (the girl with the huge jugs that I take to Yankee games w me.) I am so stuffed! I ate like 3 plates of her moms delish macoroni salad and 4 tofu pups (tofu hotdogs) and a few bottles of hoegarden. What a perfect day for a bbq and friends.

I didn't watch the game today but I was getting updates via friends and espn mobile. I am so happy Phil Hughes had a great outing and the Yankees got a win. I'm upset they didn't take 2 out of 3 in the Phillies series. I feel that the big test for the Yanks is against the Phillies and the Red Sox. I really hate that the Red Sox won yesterday and today.

In other news, here's a blind item I wanted to share with you guys. Earlier in the week a certain Yankees beat writer asked me if I was available to go to Wednesday's Yankees vs Orioles game. I said I was available at which point he responded "Cool, just have to get the tix." However, on Wednesday morning I was told "Sorry, turns out the tix were spoken for already." Ok, no problem. But today I read said writers blog which clearly states he went to Wednesday's game with a lady friend. The nerve! Shame on you sir.

Shouldn't be hard to guess who.

Hope you all enjoyed the long weekend!


Friday, May 22, 2009

Numero Nueve!

The Yankees won, blah blah.

I'm just joking kids. I love it!

Joba Chamberlain only faced 4 batters, leaving the game with what is being called a "bruised right knee" after being hit with a line drive. When I first saw this I thought "Of course, just the Yankees luck." But I was pleasantly surprised by the Yankees bullpen. Alfredo Aceves came in for a few innings, then Albaledejo for a rocky few, then Veras(I think ?) and finally closing it out with Mariano Rivera.

The Yankees made things a little more comfy by scoring 6 runs early on. I must admit that after all the excitement the past few games I found myself a tad bored last night.

Yep, I'm a spoiled Yankee fan.

When I got home from work yesterday I had ESPN on until the game started on MY 9( what a crap station I might add) and was happy to see that almost everyone else was just as annoyed as I was over the hoopla that David Ortiz's homerun seemed to cause. Finally some confirmation from a non Yankee related source that the Red Sox are idiots. Yay!

I am so tired of watching Yankee games alone y'all. Can you believe that none of my friends are Yankee fans? Well, I should rephrase that. None of my friends are baseball fans. So if anybody wants to keep the Yankee Hottie company, let me know.

No wonder I have a blog.

Here's to win number 10 vs the Phillies tonight :) Go Yanks!


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Random thoughts from yesterday.

First off, I didn't know Nick Swisher was only 28. I thought he was like 32. That is not the face of a 28 year old.

David "Big Papi" Ortiz hit his first homerun yesterday. The Red Sox were celebrating like it was New Years Eve. You should be embarrased. You guys are stuck with that 50 year old lard ass (I don't care what his fake birth certificate says, he's def pushing 50). Pipe down assholes.

Bruney, Coke and Aceves have all shaved their heads. I knew it was going to become a trend. Who do you think will be next. Hughes, you don't have the balls!!!

Everything seems to be clicking together for the Yankees. Imagine once Posada is ready and gets going? Going to be a great line up.

Does anybody remember a man name Xavier Nady?


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

8 in a row!!

Total dominanace baby.

You see all those shaved heads? Who told you about that? Hmmmmm.

I did bitcheeees!!!

More tomorrow, got 730 am Yoga. Ugh.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Word on the street is Phil Coke has shaved his head.

Shaved head = BEAST

Lucky 7

The Yankees have now won 7 games in a row.

Tonights game was everything you could ask for out of a Yankee game. CC Sabathia pitched 7 innings only allowing one run. Mark Teixeira and Arod hit 2 run blasts each. Mark Teixeira is back to being Mark Teixiera and I'm quite turned on by it, I must admit. Yes, I know I'm an animal.

Brian Bruney was activated from the DL today and Edwar Ramirez was sent packing to make room (thank god). He came into the 8th and had a 123 inning. Shaved Head =Beast, I'm telling ya! Tomko came in to close it out, having a 123 inning as well.

The Yankees tacked on 7 runs thanks to hits from Captain Clutch, Jooooohny Damon, my new favorite italian, Francisco Cervelli and Melk man. Was that enough nickname usage for ya? Because if it wasn't you know I got more!

More from me tomorrow, I'm watching the Mets game to see how many mistakes they make. They've got one already.

Yes. I'm mean. Wait, two mistakes....nice work so far Murphy!


Monday, May 18, 2009

3 walkoff wins for the Yanks

As a Yankee fan could you ask for a better weekend of Yankees baseball? Three walkoff wins is crazy! This team never gives up, gotta love it. Gotta be a shitty feeling for the Twins, bet they can't wait to get the hell outta New York!

Johnny Damon had the walk off homerun last night. Johnny Damon is leading the team in batting average, RBIs and homeruns. He's also in a contract year. What do you guys think is in Johnny's future? Do you see the Yankees resigning him? I'm curious to hear your thoughts.

As I mentioned before, I've been Twittering the games. Its a lot easier than live blogging and more up to the minute. If you have Twitter you can find me under Yankeehottie.

Happy Monday!


Saturday, May 16, 2009

2 great Yankee wins!

So the Yankees come from behind in the past 2 games. Melky the hero yesterday and Arod with an Abomb tonight to win it in extra innings.

Mark Teixeira was 4 for 4 today which is a far cry from the mark that was batting 190 a few days ago. I hope this a sign of him coming around for the rest of the season.

The Yankees are still an enigma however. When offense is good the bullpen is terrible and vise versa. Imagine is everything was operating smoothly? I know we are missing Brian Bruney and its a major blow but he's not our savior for every game....just like arod has not been except for today. We need to get that bullpen together and mess with the lineup when needed. Girardi is a big fan of putting out the same lineup everyday.

Teixeira and Rodriguex should be what Mauer and Morneau are for the Twins, let's hope they get there.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I have been on twitter a lot, live tweeting the games. I follow a lot of other Yankee fans and see there opinions. During today's game, Micheal Kay asked if asking Rodriguez to bunt was ridiculous considering he's been slumping. Everyone seemed to thin it was. I disagree. Everyone in the lineup should no how to bunt and to not be offended if asked to do so. I don't care how big of a superstaer they are, if your slumping, your slumping and should do whatever possible for your team.



Friday, May 15, 2009


I've found twittering the games is pretty fun! So if you are not following me yet on Twitter, get on it bitch! You can find me by searching Yankeehottie. Lots of Yankee fans twittering the games, lots of fun! I'm twittering right now with Phil Hughes on the mound (ugh)


Thursday, May 14, 2009

A few quick things.

-Congrats to my Peanut Head for his first major league homerun! You deserve it my nutty friend.
-Nick Swisher may be slumpin a bit but he has the coolest haircut by a Yankee in a long time. I'm diggin it.
-I read on Peter Abraham's blog that Brian Bruney shaved his head after pitching off the mound yesterday. Bad.Ass.Mother.Fucker. This is a sign of preparing for greatness. Watch.
-Alex Rios, you look like shit! That baby mama must be draining you lovie.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why in the world....

is Mark Teixeira still batting third?

Today is May 13Th, April has come and gone and Teixeira has a batting average of .191. You can no longer say that he's a slow starter. There is something obviously wrong and he does not deserve the third spot in the lineup.

Some might say it's not a wise move to place him lower in the lineup because it may affect his confidence, but how much confidence can he have left? Others may say that it's embarrassing for him and the team. Well, I think it is safe to assume that everyone involved is embarrassed! Opposing teams are well aware of Teixeira's slump. Yes he hits the OCCASIONAL homerun but its not enough. He's not even walking anymore, he's just swatting flies up there.

Last season Melky Cabrera was sent down to the minors and Robinson Cano was benched for not hustling on a ground ball. I think its silly that just because Mark is a "bigger name" he seems to be given a longer leash. Forget about the big contract, that's a done deal, let him earn his way back to the third spot.

Don't get me started on the cleanup spot. Alex Rodriguez is getting a few days grace from me because he rushed back from surgery. A few.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Some thoughts on todays game.

Kudos to MLB for there contribution to breast cancer awareness. Players were sporting pink wristbands and using pink bats that will later be auctioned off. Nice.

Joba Chamberlain had another rough first inning, giving up a three run homerun to the Aubry Huff. He then seemed to settle down, nowhere near the way he pitched his last outing but good enough. The Yankees offense was pretty weak throughout the game. The team once again looked tired at the plate. But then came the seventh inning and a Johnny Damon 3 run blast that powered the Yanks to a 5-3 lead.

Philly 8ball came in to relieve Joba and pitched 2 scoreless innings and Mo came in to close it out. Mo gave up his first walk of the season which caused a minute of concern, given his last outing. But all is right with the evil empire today as the Yankees win the game.

Getting back to the Huff homer. As you all know by now, Huff did a big ol Joba fist pump as he rounded first, then again at home plate. Yes it would have been great if Joba plunked him, but he was in no position to. When asked after the game what he thought, Joba responded by saying he didn't even see it. Good for you Joba! And shame on you Mr. Huff for being a hater and and a bully. Can't wait till you get a 95 mph thrown towards you head jackass. There's nothing wrong with showing emotion after performing well in a game. Jobas not the only one who does this either. Its acceptable in every other sport except baseball? I don't get it.

Lastly, here's a big SCREW YOU to the fan who screamed out at Joba "Happy mothers day Joba, crystal meth!". That's crossing the line.


Saturday, May 9, 2009

That calls for a post.

I know I said I'm on hiatus, but when the circus comes to town, you have to take a peak. And man am I happy I did.

Of course I'm speaking of Alex Rodriguez's 3 run blast on the FIRST pitch he saw in yesterday's game! That was an amazing moment in baseball and I am so happy I chose to watch it :)

Not to take away from the amazing 9 innings pitched by CC Sabathia. Baltimore got shut down like bitchessss. hahah!

Happy Saturday!

Friday, May 8, 2009

A non Yankee related update ...

Because I cant stomach them right now!

I had posted an event that I was hosting on May 14th, but due to scheduling conflicts I am forced to change the date. I am rescheduling it for June, so I will keep you all posted!

Have a good weekend :)


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Yankees Vs Boston Red Sox recap.

So yesterday I went to my first Yankees/Red Sox game.

It was interesting to say the least.

First off, I would like to highly recommend the pan fried noodle bowls available at the Yankees food court. I'm on a mission to try everything there and I was a tad skeptical about the noodle bowl. It was pretty damn good I must say. They cost $8.50 but for the price you get a fulfilling size. Unlike the $10.75 chicken parm from Mike's, tastes good but too small.

I was not happy to see so many Red Sox fans in attendance (with really good seats I might add!. And they were not afraid to show how proud a fan they were. It was REALLY annoying.

This being a brand new stadium, I don't think fans feel at home yet. At the old stadium, as soon as you walked in you felt familiar, at ease, like home. But with the new stadium there is still some confusion as to where things are and such. Because of this, I think people don't really feel as though opposing fans are in "Our House" quite yet.

Roaming fan fights didn't start until the 8th inning. In the old stadium they would have started in the 5th inning. Not enough "Asshole" chants either. Then again when your team can't show up to play against the Red Sox, I understand the lack of confidence. But man, this Red Sox fan in front of me was just looking right in my eye smirking and laughing. I really wanted to just kick him in the face.

I left Yankee Stadium feeling just as deflated as the team looked. So many men left on base. Such a sin.

YES, I know I am now 0 for 3 at games. So I am taking a Yankee hiatus if you will. I need a few days to calm down and collect my thoughts, so I can stay sane.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

At the Yankee game. Lots of frustration to blog about. Sad state of affairs.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Yankeehottie history could be made tomorrow.

I have NEVER been to a Yankee vs. Red Sox game. Yes, you read that correctly. NEVER.

But thanks to a reader of the blog, that will all change tomorrow(weather permitting).

I am so freaking excited.

I may not make any $$$ from this blog, but I do meet great people and make memories :)


Pictures post !!! part 2

Here's some pics from Friday's game vs the Angels, courtesy of reader Navy 64, who always takes some fabulous pictures!

Picture Post!!

Here's the pictures I mentioned taking at the Yankee museum...except this first one, its from my personal collection ;)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

You win some, you lose some.

Hi Y'all! Hope you are having a great weekend. It sucks the game got rained out today! But I did enjoy YANKEEOGRAPHY: Lou Gehrig.

I went to Saturday's game vs the Angels which we lost. I am 0 for 2 when it comes to Yankee games I attend. And boy do you guys realize it! haha I got emails and texts alerting me to the fact. I get it! hahaha

My tickets were in the grandstand and with my luck they were the very LAST row. I dont know how people do it up there. I had an anxiety attack and had to leave in the second inning to stand by the bleachers for the rest of the game. Its even different weather up there, I was freezing. But all in all I had a great day with my dad. We visited the Yankees museum and walked the whole stadium. My dad loved it! We cant wait to go to another game, but this time he said he's buying field level seats. LOL

I have pictures from the Museum to post but Im too lazy right now, I will update this post tomorrow morning probably.


Friday, May 1, 2009

The jinx is off!

So maybe I'm not a jinx afterall!! That was an exciting comeback, I'm so happy to see this team excited and coming together.

How about that Ramiro Pena? He has really stepped up for this team and has been clutch the past few games, really great.

Hip Hip Jorge!!

I'm convinced...

That I am a jinx. Today was the first day I said I had a good vibe that we were going to win a game and here the Yankees go blowing a a 4-0 lead with Jose Veras on the mound. Another example of Girardi taking way to long to change pitchers. If your already losing and your pitcher clearly doesn't have his stuff, you don't wait for him to allow even more runs.
Also, how come Girardi never calls for agressive plays like the Angels do? They just scored their 8th run with a squeeze bunt play.

On another note, I will be at the game tomorrow, way up in the grandstand. Section 405 bitches!! Haha. Me and my dad will be there early so I can show him around the stadium. So if you see us around the park, please stop and say hello! I gotta start getting ready for my evening, I need a cocktail. :)