Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pirate Herpes has infultrated the Yankees!

The Yankees have traded 2 minor leaguers for Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Eric Hinske.

The reason for this is to add some insurance to the bench as Alex Rodriguez will have to be rested here and there due to his hip surgery. Also, the Yankees would like to send down Ramiro Pena so he could further develop and get more at bats. He could be used later on in the season.

If you didn't know already, the pirates allegedly all share the same herpes infested clubhouse hooker. This speculation was fueled last season by what appeared to be herpe lesions on the mouths of some Pirate players.

Burn all his clothes and make sure he is fully medicated! And for god sakes, keep him away from my Tex!!!


On a Roll....

The New York Yankees have swept the Mets, Mariano Rivera recorded his 500th save and Alex Rodriguez seems to be coming out of his slump. All is well in Yankee land right now. If your a Met fan, I don't know what to say to you.

Watching Mo get his 500th save was great. Couldn't happen to a better man. Mo is always so humble and gracious and a tremendous competitive athlete. Congrats Mo!

My apartment hunting continued through the week, thus the lack of updates. But I think I have finally found a place and all should be finalized this evening *fingers crossed*. Yankeehottie is an independent woman y'all! haha Watch out world! I was looking in Astoria, Queens originally but nothing seemed to be the perfect place. So I am staying in North Bergen, NJ. People, just because its New jersey does not mean it is light years away! It takes me 20 minutes to get to the city on the bus and it leaves me in midtown. I hate when I tell people I live in Jersey and they make a face like "oh Jersey, that's so far." Its really not. AND I have a view of the city skyline, how many people can say that? LOL I'm just so happy to have a place to make my home and be by myself. Now maybe I can actually date someone? I'm available bitches :) I know its hard to believe.... ;)

Yesterday morning I had lunch with Pops and he requested I post a question here to see the feedback, so here it is...

What is the speed of a good throw from shortstop to first base? Does it compare to a pitcher throwing 92MPH?

What do you think? You can post your thoughts or answers in the comment section of this post.

Last night there was no Yankees baseball, so I tuned into some of the Brewers/Mets game. WHAT THE HELL IS THE DEAL with the weird Brewer mascot that comes out of I don't even know what that smokey thing is in the outfield, waving a flag?! I think it was the most bizarre celebration of a grand slam I have ever seen.

Thanks for reading! is it Friday yet?


Thursday, June 25, 2009


The Yankees won a game! I was starting to forget what it felt like to cheer for a winning team.

It would seem the Yankees organization was starting to get fed up as well, with Brian Cashman being at the game yesterday and attending a meeting with all the hitters before the game. It seemed to work as the Yankee bats magically came alive last night. I have to give a big congrats to my favorite off the boat player Francisco Cervelli for hitting his first major league homerun. He was so excited and cute running the bases! Love him.

Joe Girardi got ejected from the game last night for arguing Brett Gardner getting picked off at first. That was a TERRIBLE call. He was clearly safe. There was some speculation this morning that Girardi may have asked to be ejected. I doubt it. Tony Pena took over manager duties which I quite enjoyed. I realize Joe was probably calling the shots from 15 feet away but the Yankees seemed to immediately let loose after the ejection. Tony Pena was pumped up while instructing the team. I think more managers should be this way. What is the deal with the miserable straight faced look all the time? Show some emotion dammit!! Shit, I got pumped up looking at Pena.

Joba Chamberlain pitched a hell of a game last night, lasting 7 innings. I don't think he even walked anybody.

Mariano Rivera came in to close it out which meant he got a chance to bat at the plate. I think that was one of the funniest Yankee moments I have ever seen. Melky Cabrera was gearing him up with gloves, helmet and a bat as Mo sat there spaced out. Melky seemed to be giving him instructions as well. I was cracking up. It was like they were sending a kid on a motorcycle and saying "Just close your eyes and hold on tight!" Mo ended up hitting a fast ball to left but it was caught. That my friends was the play of the game. He later admitted that he was told not to swing but ignored these directions. Love Mo.

So this week I am crushing on Cervelli I think. Teixiera just isn't doing it for me this week, I dont know why. Marisol Cervelli sounds good, no?

On another note, it was in Page Six that Kate Hudson has been following the team everywhere to be with Alex Rodriguez. Does anyone else find this a tad desperate? They just started dating! Why does she have to crawl up the ass of every guy she dates? Maybe thats why you are still single Kate! You are a distraction and you should cut it out. Its not that hip surgery that's exhausting him honey.

I am attending the game for the 4th of July, I will be sitting in the Audi Yankees Club. Can't wait to try that $65 buffet! I heard its pretty exquisite...mmmmm Im hitting the gym all week! If anyone is going hit me and lets have a beer ;)


Friday, June 19, 2009

Hamptons Hiatus

Yo yo yo!

Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been apartment hunting all week. Its taken up most of my time but should be done next week!

Also, I am spending this weekend in the Hamptons so I doubt I will update. Yes, I can hang out with the "sophisticated". Ha!

Too sum out how I feel about the Yankees right now: Girardi shouldn't get too comfortable, but where the eff are the Steinbrenners? Joba...may very well belong in the bullpen after all. This should have been the perfect oppurtunity to gain some momentum and we ended up looking dumb by the worst team in baseball. Somethings gotta give. Girardi is not doing much to amp up this team, he may be overmatched by veterans who just don't have respect for him.

Yankees, HANDLE IT!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Jorge Posada smear campaign....

This is something I meant to write about last week but didn't get around too. I have been thinking about how most of the bad pitching seems to be when Jorge is behind the plate. But I wasn't sure if it was just me...then I came across this article via Yahoo Sports....

Can a catcher be blamed for poor pitching? According to the New York Times, and in the case of the New York Yankees, it can.

According to the Times, there is a striking difference in pitching statistics when Jorge Posada catches. With Posada behind the plate, the Yankees' pitchers have a 6.31 ERA The combined ERA with Francisco Cervelli(notes), Jose Molina(notes) and Kevin Cash(notes) is 3.81.

Posada has caught four starts by Chien-Ming Wang(notes), whose job status is now evaluated on a game-by-game basis. Even removing those starts, the staff's ERA with Posada is still high, at 5.47.

The Times reported that A.J. Burnett(notes), in particular, seems to struggle with Posada. In Burnett's four starts pitching to Posada, opponents have batted .330. In nine starts with the other catchers, the average is .223. When he lost a six-run lead in Boston in April, Burnett questioned the pitch selection, though he blamed himself, not Posada. Asked Sunday about the difference in pitching to the rookie Cervelli, Burnett gave a careful but revealing answer.

"I think it's just a matter of — I don't know if it's the catcher — but we threw curveballs in fastball counts, we had them looking for something and they had no idea what was coming, I don't think," Burnett said. "That's huge."

What do you guys think?


Monday, June 15, 2009

Subway Series

Hi y'all! Sorry I have not updated in a while, I've been just working and taking it easy in my free time this weekend.

This series vs the Mets was a doooozie! I went to Fridays game and had so much fun! First off I finally went to Beers of the World to get me some Blue Moon, which for 11 bucks should come w a damn orange slice! I enjoyed it nonetheless. This was my first subway series, the energy in the stadium was great, I just knew it was going to be a rowdy crowd. Mostly yankee fans around me and a few Mets fans scattered, we all had a friendly rivalry going on....it was friendly until a BOSTON fan, in a BOSTON hat was standing next to me shouting "Let's go Mets, Let's go Boston! Yankees suck!". To my amazement, nobody said anything. I could not let this happen, so I just gazed up at him and said "Shut the fu*k up and get the fu*k out!" Its fun seeing shock on mens faces. When he wanted to return back to his seat, security told him it wasn't such a great idea.

Then, there I was bottom of the 9th with Arod at the plate. Since Arod was only going to do one of two things, ground out or pop out, I had my head down as not to see. As I heard his bat make contact with the ball and no cheers I lifted my head to watch what had to be the final out.
Then, I witness the error heard around the world. I couldn't believe it! I just started screaming in shock as did the rest of the stadium. Random people high fiving and hugging in happiness. It was a great night in the stadium and one I will never forget.

However the second game of the series would not fair so well for the Yankees who ended up losing to the Mets after another terrible pitching outing by Andy Pettite and the bullpen. I just don't get how you have such a rotation and suck?
Enter the Brian Bruney vs K Rod drama. I don't have the exact quotes available to me now but I'm sure you know what was exchanged via the media. My opinion? Bruney had no place saying what he said, there was no need for it. Secondly, who the hell is Brian Bruney? He's just making a name for himself and he's talking shit about a guy who has already done that? I hate to take a Mets side on this one but cmon. Keep it shut Bruney.

Last game of the series, the Yankees just Clobbered the Mets and Johan Santana. A sight rarely seen, the yanks served Johan the worst outing of his career. Hey Ill take it. Ha.

Hope you all enjoyed the weekend and thanks for reading!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I can describe last night's game in one word..


I have to be honest, I turned the game off in the 5th when I saw Veras warming. My heart just could not take anymore.

Shame on you Mr. Burnett, you picked the worst game to be terrible in. he had NO CLUE where the strike zone was.

Secondly, shame on you Joe Girardi. Why in the hell did you not have Hughes come in. you want to keep the kid throwing every couple of days and he only pitched one inning the night prior. And it was a TERRIFIC inning. He should have been given a shot yesterday.

The last criminal i would like to shame is Alex Rodriguez. Some "protection" you are for Mark Teixeira. At this point teams are going to pitch around him to get to you, which already started last night. What can be done to this lineup? Im not sure but people need to get hot and stay hot. Too many streaky players from the middle to the bottom of the lineup.

I want to beat Boston so badly and we never do. Are we just going to sit around and hope everyone else does? It doesnt make any sense!

Tonight Wang goes to the mound (I'm already cringing.) I'm not even excited to watch. Last night i actually switched to the METS game!!! But then I had to switch from that game because the announcer mistakenly called Mariano Rivera, Mariano Pavano!! I shit you not. Mariano Pavano!!! Oh my heart...

As you know I am on twitter for most of the games...I'm trying to see if there is any interest for a meetup in nyc tomorrow night for the game. If you would like to come out, please email me at lovelightlearn@yahoo.com


Friday, June 5, 2009

Ladies and Gentleman...

The jinx has been broken!

Anyone who reads this blog is well aware of the fact that I was 0 for 4 at games I have attended this season. However, I attended last nights game which resulted in a win! Yay. If we lost last night I had decided I was not going to go back to the Stadium until at least July. But since this is not the case, I will be attending tonight's game (weather permitting, not looking good right now). If any of you are going...Hollaaaaaaaaa!


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Everyone go crazy..

Phil Hughes to the bullpen! Wang back in rotation!


And the lesson of last night's game was..

Don't F*CK with Mark Teixeira!

He doesn't like it and neither do the New York Yankees. After getting hit twice by pitcher Vincente Padilla, Mark got fired up and I got turned on. It must be all the testosterone that gets me excited. Its hot.

Mark was calmed down by Joe Girardi before he could get too crazy. But he wasn't done. Alex Rodriguez came to the plate after him and hit what would have been an inning ending double play. But Teixeira slid into second hard with legs out almost tripping the shortshop Elvis Andrus and prevented him from making the play at first. After that, all hell broke loose. The Yankees ended up turning a 3-2 Rangers lead into a 12-3 Yankees win.

In the month of May, Mark Teixeira has been nothing short of brilliant, offensively as well as on the field. Teixeira seems to be the total package. This has led me to this thought: When Derek Jeter is no longer an active Yankee, who would be the next team captain?

Before the Teixiera signing I would think about this from time to time. The other big name great player on the team was Alex Rodriguez, but I just couldn't see him as "Captain". Not with all the off field antics and drama, let alone the lack of respect from teammates that was brought up from time to time. Then came the steroid shocker. Nope, just wasn't right.

Mark Teixeira on the other hand has everything going for him. Great player, good personality, good looking( ok, that part only matters to me.) and this team seems to really get behind him and respect him.

I know we have a few years before this happens, but I find it interesting. For example, if Tex became the team captain how would ARod handle it? Would it cause animosity? Do the Yankees have the balls to screw over there big ego player?



Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Just asking...

Via reader "Rizzo" in the comments section:

"Joe" From "Blues Clues"

Nick Swisher

I think Joe could be a young version of Swisher. I can see similarities. What do you guys think?

As I was looking for pictures of Swisher, I came across this:

That's a big, ummm, bat you have there Mr. Swisher.

Happy Tuesday to me.


Monday, June 1, 2009

"The Joba-Meter is definitley leaning towards starting pitcher"

A wonderful quote from the mind of Nick Swisher.

Joba Chamberlain pitched 8 great innings for the Yankees, only allowing 2 runs, striking out 5 and making an AMAZING play which is now known as "the bellyflop". He dove off the mound catching a ball off a bunt and then throwing out the runner at 2nd. He followed that play up with the most outrageous fist pump I have ever seen. I'm from Staten Island so that's saying a lot!

The Yankees have played 18 errorless games, setting an MLB record. The last record was 17 games held by the 2006 Red Sox. It feels fanfuckingtastic surpassing the Red Sox on different levels.

Yankees win this 5-2 and head home to the Bronx. Who wants to go to a game this week? I'm having withdrawls. I'm desperate for a nine dollar Miller Lite.

As always you can catch me on twitter for most of the games. I love the Yankee crew that is on there. Good times. Twitter.com/yankeehottie