Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Yankee Blogger/ Twiitter meetup tomorrow!

A few us are organizing a little get together in Midtown. If you don't have any plans or are in the area stop by and say hi. This is your chance to meet the YANKEEHOTTIE, take advantage of it! haha

WHEN: Wednesday, July 29th @7pm

WHERE: Legends 33 bar- 33rd street between 5th ave and Broadway.

All Bloggers, readers and Yankee fans welcome! It will be a bunch of us having some drinks, talking Yankees and watching the game.

Any questions please email me @ lovelightlearn@yahoo.com

Hope to see you there! ;)

xoxo M

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Whats this?....

A losing streak Boston? HA!

The Yankees are now 2 games ahead of the fallen Red Sox for first place in the AL EAST.

Today is a good day ;)

Lets keep it going Yankees!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Back on top.

Today is a good day since the Yankees are in first place over the Red Sux. Doesn't matter what happens today, at least I have that to hold on too!! hahah

The Yankees have been playing great ball since the break. Even Joba had a great start the other day! Can you believe it? I know, I had to smack myself in the face too. Phil Hughes, Philly 8ball and Alfredo Aceves have been terrific in the bull pen being able to hold teams from scoring.

Sorry, I have not updated lately but the move and working two jobs has taken up alot of time in my life, also I don't have internet set up in my apartment yet so that doesn't help. LOL

Random Thoughts over the past week:

Why the hell is Eric Hinskie not getting more playing time?

Why was ESPN's Erin Andrews "hotel peeper" video page 3 news? Haven't we all seen her naked before? Oh, you have not you say? Its not that hard, just walk around with a football...

Why is David Cone the host of "Yankees on Deck"? His party face could scare children.

Alot of you have asked how the apartment is coming along and everything is going well, still needs some work but slowly but surely!

I work all day Wednesdays and the Yankees love to play during the day on Wednesdays, so one again I miss out!! grrrrrrrrrr, Bastards!!

Hope you all are having a good week so far, thanks for reading :)


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Independence Day bitches!

Yes, I know it was yesterday, but I was living it up at Yankee Stadium in the Audi Suite, so I didn't post ;) The Audi Club Suite is really insanely luxurious. When you walk in there is a hostess to escort you to your seat. Our seats were in the first row up against the glass. At your seat there is a place setting for you to enjoy your food from the buffet. Yes, I said buffet. You have a server to bring you your drinks. The buffet is upscale dining. There are several cooking stations offering many different dishes. Yesterday some of the items on the menu were as follows: Lobster tempura, Braised chicken sliders, Brisket, Vegetable soup. There was also a seperate hot dog station as well as bread stations that offered all sorts of bread and different butters. There was also ceaser salad, mozzarella and tomoatoes and assorted cheeses available. Last but not least there was a desert cart that offered chocolate covered strawberries, mini cakes, cookies and canolis. Everything was delicious.

The view from our seats was fabulous, sweeping views of the whole field. During the inning you could hear the sound of the YES telecast and in between they would turn it down.

The tickets were purchased by someone else so Im not positive about the breakdown of the price, but I believe it costs $150 for everything and you just have to pay for booze. The ticket price alone is $75 and the $65 "service fee" is for the buffet. Again. I could be wrong so dont take my word for it.

Overall it was a great experience, something I would do again for a special occasion. But nothing compares to being outside with all the screaming fans :)

Yankees went into extra innings with a walk off win by a hit from Jorge Posada. Note to Jorge: Lighten up with the pie in the face. Its all in good fun!

In todays game Joba Chamberlain was on the mound. And well, he sucked. But if you asked him how he did after the game, he thought he did just fine. Im starting to believe that Joba is starting not to care about his job as much as he should. I quote: "Everyday the sun comes up and I still have a job, so thats all that matters." "I was just against a really good line up." Um, yeah so was Aceves and he was almost lights out. My advice Joba : You better check yourself before you wreck yourself!

I am so effin happy that Mark Teixeira beat out Kevin "goatface" Youkilis to start at first for the All Star game! Good work Yankee fans! Jeter and Mariano will be in the game as well.

Im watching Yankees on Deck right now, why does David Cone host this show? I love him in the booth but hes a bit harsh to look at. All that partying kids....

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July!!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009


You know your a spoiled Yankee fan when you are saying a Yankee win was boring. But, it was!

Joba was on the mound last night and was not terrible, but wasnt great either. He was just blah. In the 6th inning Joba was out and Philly 8 ball was in. Then it was on to Filthy Phil Hughes. Phil had his great stuff last night, ending the inning with just 9 pitches. But of course Girardi took him out. Why? I dont know. Who know why Girardi makes half the moves he does in situations like last night.

After he took out Phil, Brian Bruney minus one mustache entered. He on the other hand, did not have his stuff. Bruney allowed the Mariners to slash the lead. But in the end, Mo made the save and the Yankees won. A second later, I fell asleep. I think it was the first time I was struggling to stay awake during a game.

Just a reminder, I will be at the game this Saturday, July 4th. If you are around and want to meet for a chat or brewskie...email me at lovelightlearn@yahoo.com ill get it on my cell :)

Drinks for the game tonight! yay!