Friday, August 28, 2009

Yesterday's game, gossip and random thoughts....

So how shittastic was yesterday's game?!

Two game killers: Unable to score with men on base. Phil Coke brought into a one run game. Why Girardi made that move is beyond me, its like Coke has to promptly give up a run in order to function. Remember the good ole days when Phil Coke was good and I wanted to make sweet love to him? Ah, I miss those days!

In other news, multiple media sources were reporting that Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly are engaged and planning a fall wedding. Gag me, ick. I don't like her for Derek. I'm sure shes a lovely girl but shes just so "blah". I know alot of guys that think shes hot but I just don't see it. To me shes cute and plain Jane. I envision Derek with someone who has a little more star quality. Don't get me wrong, I get that Derek prefers to fly under the radar with his personal life, I don't want him with some superstar but someone a little more interesting that's all. Ya know, someone more like myself ;)

I went to the game yesterday with Matt and my friend Annmarie. I love going to games with Yankee Stadium virgins. She had a blast and took lots of pics. Best heckle of the game was directed at Nelson Cruz- "I see you smiling Nelson, I will kill you." I almost pissed myself.

I finally had the balls to try the garlic fries. Never again. They were decent tasting but got me so sick! They sat in my stomach all day and all night. Blech!

So happy its Friday! Hope everyone has a good weekend :) Love you bitches..


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dear Nick Swisher:

If you are going to bunt in a critical situation, you better fu*king succeed! You cost us the game tonight. COST US THE GAME!

I know I will not stay mad at you for long, but on Thursday's game, with my seat a few rows behind you. I SHALL REMEMBER.

You have ONE game to make me forgive you, or you shall feel the wrath of me and Matt's carrying voices in right field.

You've been warned.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Picture Post!

Melissa, Jackie and I @ Djais for my Bday :) 2 of my oldest bestest friends...

Its Disco time at Billys in the Bronx!

Me, Paul and some awesome guy that made me laugh my ASS off the entire time we were in the bleachers. I can't remember his name for the life of me so if by some chance you know him, contact me immediately!

More of the bleacher crew that day

This is a group pic from the infamous "tweetup" haha Good times!

Sorry for the lack of updates this week, I think I literally worked 65 hours this week, its been insane.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Someone had some spinach for dinner I see...

At least half a can.

I went to the movies last night so I missed the first few innings. When I did turn on the game I saw that our boy Gaudin held off the A's for 6 innings, sloppily done yes, but done. I'm not totally sold on him yet but its a step up from Sergio Mitre, that's for sure!

I went to see GI Joe last night. I must say that it was alot better than I expected, I thought the story line was very creative and the casting was spot on but too many action sequences happening at once. I still dont know what was happening underwater with all those missiles and shit at the end, ugh. Other than that it was enjoyable. PLUS, I know what my Halloween costume is going to be now!......

Any excuse to wear all that black and leather. Fierce! Now all I have to do is drop 50 pounds. HA!

The Yankees get a night off tonight and then head into Boston to take on the Red Sux. Can't wait!!!

If your in the city this evening I will be bartending at T.J. Whitneys on 53rd st. between 2nd and 3rd ave. Come in for a drink!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I need this now

Just saw this on Pete Abe' blog A Jason "greasy bear" Giambi bobblehead. Omg!!

This would be a nice belated birthday gift!! ;)


I hope popeye eats his spinach...

Meet your starting pitcher ladies and gents. Chad Gaudin and his 5.13 ERA.

Can you feel the excitement? I sure can!! haha

Thank the lord for the Yankee's clean appearance policy other wise we would have to deal with this...

Not only is it a beard, but its RED! Nothing worse than a red beard.

In reality it would not be terrible if the Yankees lost a game tonight. But in hardcoreyankeefanville it is not ok to lose any game to the A's. And maybe I'm being greedy but I really enjoy a 7 game lead and would enjoy an 8 game lead even better :)

Go Yankees!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yankees beat the A's (gasp)

I know shocking. HA.

This had to be one of the sloppiest games I have ever seen. Balls through the legs, dropped balls, just terrible. However a Yankees win is a Yankees win!!

Its late and I need sleep. Still sick over here ...ugh. All alone and no one to take care of me. Where are all the nice guys? lol


Best Week Ever!

So here I am back to reality, sick as a dog with a cough and a cold. But the cold is worth it for the week I had. Monday kicked off with a Yankee game in the bleachers, thanks to Paul, a reader of this blog, who had an extra ticket and reached out to me. I always have a blast in the bleachers because there are always some crazy characters sitting there fueled by beers. That day I was treated to a group of guys who were from upstate taking in the game. The Yankees were facing the Toronto Blue Jays so screaming "this is America" every 15 minutes was somehow appropriate. Also, handing beers to 16 year olds was also somehow ok. LOL We lost the game, but I was laughing and drunk on Blue Moons so it was all good in the hood with me.

Tuesday we hit up the game again, this time the bleachers seemed a little calmer and the game was a little boring so we decided to hit up NYY Steak. Best decision I made in a long time. For those who don't know, NYY is the steak house inside the stadium located at gate 6 on the second level. NYY is set up like an upscale steakhouse with flat screens throughout, a full bar and a waitstaff that is decked out in slacks and blazers with pinstripe jerseys peaking out from underneath. The menu offers steaks (duh), lobster and fish entrees and different sides to choose from. I was so excited to eat there because I didn't think I was going to get the opportunity this season ,(yes I know its open all year, but I'm more likely to eat there if going for a game.). So I had to take full advantage and pretend that I was not a vegetarian for the evening. Ready? I ordered the surf and turf, which is a small fillet mignon and a lobster tail, a side of lobster mac n cheese and we shared a side of cream of spinach. Omg, I know. LOL. First came out a warm piece of bread that is shaped liked a pretzel, which is placed on a plate shaped like home plate. It was so cute I almost put it in my purse. With the bread is what I would call a mustard/butter. It was heaven. I NEED to know what the hell is in that because I could eat it all day. Oh yeah we also had the crabcakes as an appetizer. I love crabcakes and I have to say this was in my top 5. Delish. Then the food arrived. When that steak hit my mouth, omg. It was amazing. I highly recommend. the only part they lost points on was not offering us dessert because the kitchen was closing and they wanted to get out of there, which you know I pointed out! LOL I couldnt help it. The joint is not cheap but its not as insanely priced as one would think because its in the stadium. Yanks came back to win that night also, great night overall! Thank you Paul.

Thursday, I began my long weekend which started with Djais that night. I like going there because the drinks are very cheap for ladies and the music is good, but it is a total meat market. Notice to all men, touch me without permission, you will get smacked. I love how they look at you afterwards in total shock as if they had no idea they are not supposed to touch you, hysterical. On Friday, in the cherry vodka aftermath, I layed out and actually got a tan! A tan! I can't believe it, for the first time this summer. Saturday me and the crew headed to Atlantic City. I hit on red 5 at the Roulette table but promptly lost it back :( It was fun to win though! That night we headed to the pool party at Harrahs which was a blast, didn't get to sleep till 7 am. But now I'm paying for it! haha All in all an amazing birthday :)

I can't believe the Yankees lost last night against Brett Tomko and the A's. My god, they totally mailed in that game. Wake up boys!!!


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Its my birthday!

And I will party for a full week if I want too! I'm headed to AC tonight to end this week in style. This week I went to 2 Yankee games ate at NYY steak, went to Djais etc. One of the best weeks ever I must say. Monday I will post all the pics and deets!

Go Yankees!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This made my day!

I think the best part of this video is when Goat Face starts charging, Porcello puts his hands up like "huh?". Then he gets serious and drops him. Classic.


Friday, August 7, 2009

Giambi is Dunzo

This from the Oakland Tribune:

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - First baseman Jason Giambi, whose swagger and power helped to turn around an A's franchise more than a decade ago, was released by the team Friday morning in another move designed to give younger players a chance for more playing time in the final seven-plus weeks of the season.

Giambi, a 15-year veteran, was placed on the 15-day disabled list with a strained right quad on July 20 but had not played since he became eligible to return on Tuesday, even though he said he felt physically fine.

The A's already have several infielders capable of playing first base and Giambi, with a .193 batting average, was likely going to find it difficult to get playing time. The team will likely give Tommy Everidge and Daric Barton, once he returns from the DL, more opportunities to play first base.

Giambi, a five-time American League All-Star, signed with the A's after the 2008 season. He played in Oakland from 1995-2001, winning the 2000 AL MVP award, before he signed with the New York Yankees. But in his second stint with the A's, Giambi could never recapture his former glory as he had 11 home runs and 40 RBI in 83 games.

What will become of Jason "sweaty bear" Giambi?


Thursday, August 6, 2009

An offensive orgy.

Let me start by saying that someone should take away my Yankeehottie badge.

First, I totally forgot we were playing the Red Sox starting tonight. Second, I came home from work and FELL ASLEEP! I woke up at 9:30 pm to text messages, turned on the TV in the fifth inning to a 9 to 4 Yankee score. I have not been that flustered since I was told that those pictures I took might...wait, umm nevermind.

Nonetheless I was very happy to see us beating the Red Sox, FINALLY! From what I'm being told Joba Chamberlain was not great but not terrible. It was the Yankee bats that saved the day. The whole Yankee lineup was in on the action, including homeruns from Johnny Damon, Mark Teixeira, Melky Cabrera and Jorge Posada. Thus the "offensive orgy" according to Michael Kay. Also, did you know that Melky Cabrera hit for cycle in 1995? Michael Kay knows apparently!

Mark Melancon came into the game and in the 8th inning drilled Dustin Pedroia and Dustin didn't like it. Boo Hoo Dustin, maybe now you should keep your mouth shut and not talk so much shit.

So the Yankees end up winning and are 3 1/2 games in front of the Red Sox. YAY!! I hate you Red Sox. HATE YOU!

Lets do it again tomorrow boys!

Thanks for reading :)


P.SA. Thank you Michael Kay for the title of this post, you are a true inspiration sir.

Tony Fernandez you say?

The other day Melky Cabrera hit for cycle. Meaning he hit a homerun, single, double and a triple. the last Yankee to do this was Tony Fernandez in 1995. This gave Michael Kay reason to bring up his name numerous times and beat it to death as he usually does with most subjects. So now that Melky accomplished the cycle we don't have to hear his name anymore right?


Last night during the Yankee vs Blue Jays game, several former Jays had a reunion of sorts in one of the sky boxes. Low and behold ex Blue Jay - Tony Fernandez. Deal with it people, hes never going away. Tony Fernandez is here to stay!

On another note, I'm just curious, is Melky ever going to stop doing that weird "Im excited and sticking out my tongue" move? Its creepy dammit. Stop it. It makes me think how you "Enjoy the womens.".

I gotta run, my friend just asked me to bring A Rod as a gift for her engagement party. Now where is Kate.....