Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Great but not perfect for dandy Andy.

How many times during yesterdays game did your heart stop? At least 6 times for me...

Andy Eugene Pettite was pitching a perfect game until the 7th inning. Making it more suspenseful (and jinx prone) was Michael Kay using the word "perfect" in every other sentence since the third inning. The man is just ridiculous in these situations.

The perfecto was blown when Hairston Jr. literally dropped the ball and let go right in between his legs. Between his legs! It was routine play! My heart just sank for Andy. I know, I know Hairston made an amazing play the inning before that most would not have made but with a perfect game on the line every player behind Andy should have been moving like that. I suppose its punishment enough that us Yankee fans will remember that error forever :) ha!

The main thing is that the Yankees won the game. Lets keep a good thing going boys!

I'll be somewhere in NYC watching the game this evening, so no twitter for me most likely. Enjoy the game bitches! xoxox