Sunday, October 25, 2009


What a magical night it has been , as we watch our Yankees head to the world series! Arod has been our hero, CC is the MVP and we are gonna battle the Phillies for number 27!

I am celebrating with cherry vodka right now so I can't concentrate that much but I would like to thank all my readers, fans and friends for the support all season on this blog. But most of all thank you for the support of the Yankees and believing we could do this!

I am so thrilled right now and I will update tomorrow with much more. I love you all and be safe celebrating!!!

Its finally here y'all!!

lets go yankeeeeeees!!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

So I guess we are playing the Phillies in the WS? :)

Ok so I went to the stadium the other day for the viewing of Game 3 at the Stadium. I gotta say it was pretty cool except whenever you give something for free, well you know. Not everyone there was a real Yankee fan, they just had nothing better to do. And the concession stands were not at all prepared, I got up to get a slice of pizza and they could not have the pizza ready fast enough, then people got ghetto with the ghetto behind the concessions and things were a little ugly LOL But for the most part it was great, people got into the game like it was happening right there, standing up for a strike 3 with 2 outs and bad we lost with that awesome Joe Girardi move. Ughhhh why take Dave Robertson out of the game Joe?? I was soooo pissed AND it was freeezing.

But on the bright side we got the win last night and destroyed the Angels which a couple of months ago seemed impossible for us. But this is a brand new team, brand new swagger and new attitude. How locked in is Alex Rodriguez? Whatever Kate Hudson is doing I'm all for it!!

You know we are winning this shit tomorrow and the World Series is just a minute away right my Yankee fiends?

Im going downtown tomorrow to watch the Yankees take it....if your out and about let me know ;)

Goodnight my loves!


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ninjas, errors and the bitter cold.

Last night the Yankees took a series lead over the Angels in the ALCS. CC Sabathia was dominant on the mound last night and the Yankees scored just enough runs to back him up. The Angels however, forgot they were in the playoffs and made several silly errors allowing the Yankees to score runs. Such as a pop up that "dropped in". I love how people make excuses for such things like "it was the wind". Shut your mouth, you just suck and you let that shit happen. Just saying...

Due to the low temperature we saw some Yankees sporting some extra clothing and accessories, but no one stuck out as much as "Ninja Cano". I personally am digging ninja Cano. I think Robbie likes it as well. Ninja Cano is here to stay! haha

Not everyone was as ok with the cold weather though...

Poor Kate....yeah right. I see Kate is back to blonde....I wonder why....hmmmm......

Did you guys see the post game stuff on YES after the game with Micheal Kay and David Cone? Kay always finds a way to discuss David and his drinking. Cone loves it. Apparently David was so wrapped up in a bar across from the stadium that he forgot he was throwing the first pitch and made it back to the stadium with 30 seconds to spare. Now THAT would have been classic. I still would like to know who is in charge of that man.

The saga continues tonight at Yankee Stadium for game 2 and AJ Burnett on the mound.

Lets go Yankees!!

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


That was some game last night between the Twins and Tigers! You didn't know what was going to happen at any second. I love games like that.

The day has arrived people....Game 1 tonight- Yankees vs Twins. I am so freaking excited I can hardly stand myself. If any of you are going to the game take lots of pics and feel free to send em in so I can post them up here.

Enjoy the game loves!

Lets go Yankees!!


Monday, October 5, 2009

I'm alive!

Hello all my fellow Yankee maniacs! Its been AGES!! My sincere apologies for not updating but my world has been insane as of late. I have a new roommate and have been working 2 jobs that has been leaving me with one day off a week. That day is usually spent in my bed sleeping and snoring. Half the time I can't even watch the games :(

On the bright side the Yankees are in the playoffs! Wooot wooooooot! Now its go time bitches...this is do or die time. I am MAKING time to watch these games and no one is going to stop me dammit! From what I hear and read the Yankees have been a little shaky. I like to think the Yanks are just slacking off to conserve there energy ;)

Its been so long that I didn't even get a chance to tell you guys that I was at the game that Derek Jeter broke the hits record. It was truly one of the best Yankee game moments I have ever experienced. That stadium went NUTS! However I got so drunk during the rain delay that it took all the energy I had and I proceeded to pass out on Matt's shoulder for 2 innings. LOL

Thank you all so much for checking out and supporting this blog throughout the season, I love chatting and meeting all of you...I will TRY my hardest to update on this blog for the post season madness. Next season things better be different. I'm 26, exhausted and ready to retire. How can we get rich? If you have an idea please tell me. Thanks!