Thursday, February 25, 2010

The golden boy..

Look at this golden man. How I have missed his perfect tan, those purple lips and that ass that looks like two scoops of.....Oh my, I'm sorry, my fingers wander when my mind does.

Alex was interviewed at camp today and the focus was what a difference a year makes. This time last year Alex was coming clean about his steroid use and starting his 2009 embarrassed. Of course the season ended with a championship and clutch season for Alex. What better way too take focus off of a scandal?

I like Alex as a player and have always stuck by him, but I can't help but keep thinking that he's the one that's going to get away with it. Alot of players have been exposed to have used steroids and watched their shine and career go down the toilet but Alex is seemingly avoiding this. What do you guys think? Post your thoughts in the comments section. You will notice that you now have to register to leave comments, this is due to the fact that some bitch asses like to appear anonymous and talk alot of trash about me. So thank them for the inconvenience.

Hope your all enjoying this lovely snow storm! Ha!



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