Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Training thoughts...

Just wanted to see what you all thought about the happenings in Spring Training so far. Yes I am aware "that its JUST spring training" but so far I am not AT ALL impressed with anything except Nick Johnson and his power. What do you think?

Yankee tickets went on sale today and yet nobody can get the tickets they want. SHOCKER! Ha. Gosh I hate Ticketmaster. I dont even bother anymore, I just buy them from people I know or go to Stubhub.

My first game so far will be April 17th. If your going hit me up!

Good day bitches!



Matt said...

I'm just said that Nick Johnson has to shave his porn stache.

My biggest ST decision is: do I rock the swish shirt again this season or get myself some granderson threads?

CH said...

I agree....that stache is fucking creepy.

Im gonna go ahead and say rock the Granderson threads!

MiSs.BLaCkAmeriCa said...
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MiSs.BLaCkAmeriCa said...

Marisol honey this is more important than the Yankees! Yankees will be in postseason again what they do from there is anyones guess??? If they put Joba in the bullpen theyll be aiight ...But Marisol, We NEED to save Healthcare!

The elderly, poor and handicapped NEED their healthcare and too NOT have their resources wasted on those whom can afford their own healthcare or recieve it through their Employer "85%" ...We also need NOT give an excuse for the "Corporate Employer" to drop the "Employee" onto the public plan to cut costs to the cost of the mid class/working poors expense!

** it's funny NO ONE seems to care about PROPERTY TAXES IN NY! which have risen 200x faster than the average salary...If you dont pay that they throw you out of your HOME! NO ONE GOES WITHOUT HEALTHCARE IN THE USA! but people go homeless!!!!

MiSs.BLaCkAmeriCa said...


Do you realize that this healthcare reform bill raises taxes on Capital Gains from 15% to 25% thus hurting an already real estate deeveloping industry "which creates building/construction" opportunties!!
And when they really re-adjust to pay for this hole in defecit it will be like 40% cap gains

Also Federal Income taxes will go from 35% to 43% intially but really to pay for this bill (and you dont have enough rich so yes the mid class will get taxed) Income taxes will have to be raised to thr 65% -70% range

...and thats not even mentioning "State Property taxes" which are a direct result of Medicaid/ and Medicare state. Which if YOU DONT PAY you will be kicked out of your home, your property from the SAME GOVT. that wants so bad to take care of you "yeah right!"