Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Noticable changes at Yankee Stadium (to a real fan)

I've noticed some significant changes as far as food options go at Yankee Stadium. It looks like some places didn't make the cut from last season.

The first thing I noticed was that there is no longer "Mikes Arthur Avenue Italian Deli"- which does not shock me being that for $12.00 dollars I expect a big hero and not something the size of mom's grilled cheese. In it's place is something called "Pizza Fritta". I was all excited walking over thinking it would be something like a pizza pocket, but no, its a desert. It tastes like a churro and its stupid. I don't expect it to be there next season or even half way through this season.

The Boars Head deli that was in the food court has now been replaced by a frozen drinks stand. Laugh now, but come the warm weather I bet you see alot of daiquiris around the stadium!

La Esquina Latina is gone. Which @Matt_Harris will tell you is a dream come true. He has never gotten over their horrible job of wrapping burritos. In its place is an NYY Steak express. Basically more steak is now available to you in the form of a sandwich. $15.00 gets you steak on a wEck. I don't eat much meat but I may have to give in to finally review this sandwich and Lobels steak sandwich. I have however eaten at the the actual NYY Steakhouse and had the surf and turf which was simply SCRUMPTIOUS!

There is now a Yankee Women's apparel store on the field level. Last season it was a space selling Yankee fine art. I LOVE THIS! Its about time, haha. And I must admit that the ladies gear is really cute and fun. I will be hitting it up on my next visit.

Things that have not changed:

There is still no orange slices served at The Beers of The World outpost!!! For $11.00 a beer I want a fresh orange slice with my Blue Moon dammit! Last game me and Melissa brought our own in a ziplock!

Customer service: I am all for hiring senior citizens and handicapped people but what is the excuse for the rest of the people working at Yankee Stadium? If you are going to hire people to pour beer on tap they should be at the very least taught how too. Sheesh.

That's all I have noticed so far...I will do further inspection on my next visit and maybe even have a steak :)


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Aaron said...

I remember walking into a stand at the place I work and there was a guy trying to pour a beer. i was there to give him a break. He wasnt tipping the cup at all and was getting pure foam. He looked at me and said I cant do it.